Pennant Banner with Oly-Fun

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A few weekends ago I put together a craft retreat in Kansas City called The Craft Escape.  It was a fabulous weekend of creating and relaxing and all who came enjoyed the time away to just craft.  Getting ready for the event I created a few banners to hang throughout the house to decorate.  I’m sharing this simple banner tutorial for you to create your own similar banners using metallic oly-fun.  Everyone loved them and they were quick to make!

What you need to make this project

Gold Oly-Fun
Rotary Cutter
Card Stock or Paper
Fabric for circles
sewing machine
liquid fusion glue

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Step One

Create a template for your banner.  I like to cut out my pattern from heavy card stock.  You could do a longer triangle, a 2 point pennant like I did or just a rectangle. Just use a ruler and draw out the shape that you want and then cut it out.

Cut enough pennant pieces for each letter of the word on your banner. I loved using the Metallic Oly-fun for this project, it was so cute!

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Step Two

Next cut your letters out.  I used my Cricut explore to cut out the letters.  Metallic Oly-fun cuts like a dream in cutting machines.  Just make sure that you use a sticky mat and that it is adhered well to the mat before you put it in the machine to be cut.

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Step Three

If you cut both the letters and pennant out of the same material you will want a layer in between to contrast so you can see the letters.  I chose a fun fabric that also had a little gold in it.  I cut circles big enough to go behind each letter.  I tacked the circles on to the pennant with my sewing machine at the top and bottom of the circle, just a few stitches to hold it in place.

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Step Four

After tacking the circles on I used liquid fusion to glue the letters onto the fabric. Just a few drops on the back of each letter does the trick!

To make them into a banner I just hot glued the pennants onto thick twine to be strung across the mantel at the craft retreat house!