Patriotic Table Runner

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This table runner is quick to make and the perfect addition to your table for the 4th of July. Using Oly-Fun is fantastic because it doesn’t fray! There is no need to hem it or worry about unraveling threads!

What you need to make this project

1 Oly-Fun Craft Pack Cherry Pop
1 Oly-Fun Craft Sheets Blueberry
1 Oly-Fun Craft Sheets Snow White
Sewing Machine
White Thread
Cutting Machine or Star Stencil

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Step One

Cut a piece of Cherry Pop Oly-Fun to 58″ x 20″, This is the base of your runner. Oly-Fun is so great because it does not fray so there is no need to hem any of the edges! Using the blue and white Oly-Fun cut out your stars.  I use a Cricut Explore, which I love, but you can just as easily use a star stencil, draw on the Oly-Fun and then cut with scissors.

  • Patriotic-Table-Runner-2
  • Patriotic-Table-Runner-3

Step Two

Next pin your stars to the runner. I just tried to go in a random pattern spaced a part to my liking, usually a few inches a part.

  • Patriotic-Table-Runner-4

Step Three

Next sew the stars to the banner.  I sewed each star on going all the way around each one, about 1/8″ from the edge of the star. Because the banner is long and gets cumbersome to sew I rolled the edges up to make it easier to move around while sewing.

  • Patriotic-Table-Runner-6
  • Patriotic-Table-Runner-8

Step Four

Once you’ve sewn all your stars on trim off your thread ends and Voila, you are done! Enjoy your fun table runner when celebrating the Red, White, & Blue!