Patriotic Garden Flag

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I wanted something fun to put on my garden flag for the summer. I came up with this cute rendition of the American Flag & one of my favorite lines from America the Beautiful “Land that I Love”. I also made my flag longer than most garden flags and I love how it turned out! Oly-Fun doesn’t fray and is fade resistant, both great qualities for making this patriotic garden flag!

What you need to make this project

1 Oly-Fun Craft Pack in Twilight
3 Oly-Fun Craft Sheets in Snow
Acrylic Craft Paint in Red & White
Stencils or Craft Cutting Machine
Ruler & Pencil

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Step One

First cut the blue Oly-fun- for the base of the flag cut a piece of Twilight Oly-fun to 13″ x 26″. Fold over the top 1 1/2″ and sew it down so you have an opening to slide the flag onto your garden holder. It’s best to have a 1″ opening.

  • Garden-Flag-1

Step Two

Next you will want to place your stencil for the words.  I used my Cricut Explore to make my stencil and cut it out onto the Cricut Stencil Vinyl.  The stencil vinyl adhered well to the Oly-Fun and didn’t allow much bleeding to occur, which was nice. You could also use letter stencils and do something simple like “USA”.

  • Garden-Flag-2
  • Garden-Flag-3

Step Three

Once the stencil is on you’ll want to paint it- I used white for my letters.  When painting Oly-fun make sure to have something behind our work because the paint will bleed through. To paint the stripes I used a dritz erasing pencil and a ruler to mark 1 1/2″ strips.  I painted every other stripe red.


  • olyfun Garden-Flag-5

Step Four

To finish off the flag I cut stars out of white Oly-Fun and sewed them on. The white oly-fun is slightly see-through and because I wanted the stars to really stand out I painted a layer of white craft paint on each star and let it dry before sewing them on to the flag.