Patriotic American Flag Headband

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This Patriotic American Flag Headband, is for Independence Day is coming soon, on July 4th.  I used OlyFun, which is a fabric that cuts like paper, doesn’t fray, can be painted, and works well with hot glue. Adhesive Technologies provided me with an awesome two temp cordless hot glue gun and hot glue sticks. The hot glue gun has a cord that can be detached and the gun still works, but I usually keep it plugged in. I keep it on the low-temp setting for OlyFun. While I used the American Flag for my headband, you can certainly make any flag you wish, for your country of origin. If you want a big patriotic bow, adapt this project for a Oversized Bow Headband, using hot glue instead of sewing. Head over to my blog, Crafty Lady Abby, to make your own Patriotic American Flag Headband.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Twilight
OlyFun in Cherry Pop
OlyFun in Snow White
1" Wide white plastic headband
Clear quilting ruler
Pencil or pen
Ad Tech Two Temperature Hot Glue Gun
Ad Tech Multi-Temperature Hot Glue Sticks
White fabric paint
Small paint brush
(OPTIONAL) Mini star stamp

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