Patio Chair Neck Cushions

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Adding a bright spot of color to your patio chairs as well as providing your guests with a cushion for their necks is never a bad idea. Simple half circle neck pillows can be sewn up in no time at all. Make one for each chair and your slightly worn patio furniture might just look new again.

What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Premium Fiber Fill

Download Pattern

1/2 yard of outdoor quality fabric - (makes four cushions)
1/4 yard of outdoor quality fabric - lining
1 yard of 1 inch wide grosgrain ribbon for each cushion
Coordinating thread
Basic Sewing, Pressing, Measuring and Cutting tools
Sewing Machine

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Step One

Cut the following using the dimensions or patterns provided for each cushion:

Main fabric – Front 10” x 12”, Coordinating Fabric – Back 7” x 12”, Sides – Pattern Provided

Using a fabric marking pen, place a ● mark on all pattern pieces measuring in ½” from the top and side edges. Sew a row of stitching 3/8” in from each of the sides on the front pattern piece. Cut into the fabric, being careful not to cut the stitching line. Diagram A

Patio Chair Neck Cushion Diagrams

Step Two

With right sides together and matching the ●’s on the front and the side pieces, pin the side sections to the front along the side edges. Stitch using a ½” seam, starting and ending at the ●. Diagram B

Step Three

Cut two 18” lengths of grosgrain ribbon. Fold in half and pin to the top edge of the pillow front, spacing them equally apart and approximately 3” in from the edge of the pillow front. Diagram C

Step Four

With right sides together, pin the pillow back to the pillow front, tucking in the ribbon ends. Stitch using a ½” seam, starting and ending at the ● ‘s and leaving a 4” opening along the bottom edge. Diagram D

Step Five

Clip corners and turn right side out. Fill with Poly-fil premium fiberfill and hand stitch the opening closed. Note: Length of ribbons can/should be adjusted to fit your patio chairs. Diagram E