Patio Bench Makeover with Project Foam

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VW Bench

Use Project Foam to transform an old patio bench from uncomfortable seating to something everyone will be fighting to sit on!

What you need to make this project

Project Foam
Oly*Fun Fabric
Spray Paint
Fabric of choice

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Project Foam 24″ x 36″ x 5″ thick


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before after bench makeover

Step one: Clean the bench to wipe off all the dirt and dust. Sand if needed to remove chipped paint. I used Krylon Max spray paint in Ocean Breeze to refinish my bench. This paint has primer and sealer built in, so it reduces time spent on this part of the project.

cut cushion

Step two: Cut the foam to size. I use a permanent marker to draw the cut line on all sides of the foam. I like to use an electric knife to cut the foam as it provides an even, clean cut.


Step three: Sew a tube of fabric to wrap the foam rectangle with.  Measure the fabric so it fits snugly around the cut foam.  I turned the fabric inside out, sewed the edges together, then reversed it.  I slid the tube of fabric carefully over the foam.


frayed edges

Step four: Cut a rectangle of Oly*Fun Fabric to fit the end of the cushion. Pin the fabric in place, sew the edges together, and trim off the excess.  The Oly*Fun will not fray, but the other fabric will, and this will give it a worn, casual look.  Repeat on the other end of the cushion.

Simply place the cushion on the seat, and enjoy your new, colorful bench!  What a difference color and new foam cushions make.

bench makeover