patchwork kites

The patch work wall decorations were part of an ensemble created for a centennial birthday celebration for a dear friend. Soft feminine colors were used to set the mood for the afternoon tea. The guests arrived in their “Sunday Best” complete with white gloves and hats upon their heads. “Believe” was the theme for her celebration. Agatha, the guest of honor was a very special lady. She wanted everyone to understand that if you believe in yourself that anything is possible. You should have faith in your fellow man and know that even in the darkest times your beliefs will get you through. Agatha was a woman with strong beliefs on faith, family and freedom. Those who were close to her know that it was a privilege to call her a friend and it was an honor to create the decorations for her party.

What you need to make this project

Foamology Design Foam
sewing machine and sewing supplies
Fabric Scraps ( Free Spirit Fabric)
Utility Scissors
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
Jute Cording

Quick Shop

To create the patchwork fabric you will need to chose fabrics that coordinate and use pieces that are similar in size. The fabric I used is from FreeSpirit and is called LuLu Rose. If you have larger pieces you can save them to cut and to fit where needed. The patchwork fabric I chose to create has raw exposed edges. This allows you to use as many scraps as possible.

Iron the pieces flat and arrange in rows that work together. You can trim pieces to fit or sew them over the top of another piece. Make sure all edges are attached or you will have holes. There is no need to use a uniform seam allowance or even using the same stitch when joining the fabric. Stitch it together how ever you need to make it work. Feel free to leave strings on the edge. It adds to the dimension. There are no prizes for perfection with this technique. The crazier the better. After you have several strips sewn you can attach them together using the same technique. Trim the pieces where needed. You can pin the pieces together and play with them or just sew as you go. Join enough pieces to create a fabric large enough for your project. My three patchwork pieces were approximately 18×21. This allowed me to move the fabric around for best coverage of the foam pieces.

Draw cut lines on the back of the foam to form the kite shape. Use heavy duty scissors to cut through the foam. Repeat this step for each kite shape. Draw a two inch line on the back side. Trim off two inches of the paper backing. Place your fabric face down on a firm surface. Next, place the foam sticky back side up on the fabric. Arrange the fabric in a manner pleasing to you. Starting at the top of the kite shape, pull the fabric up around the edges and press on to the sticky surface. Leave an opening at the bottom. This is where you place the kite string.

Cut 2-3 feet of jute cording for the tail of the kite. Tie fabric scrap bows around the tail. Place the cording into the bottom back side of the kite. Use hot glue to secure. Trim off any excess fabric with scissors. You can place the kites on a nail or you can remove the sticky back and place directly where you would like them to go.