Painted and Refilled Bean Bag Chair

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I painted and refilled my old bean bag chair to give it new life. It was flat and stained, having seen a decade of use. A bag of Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler and some fabric paint revitalized the worn out cushiony furniture. I had my daughter test out the bean bag chair to decide if it needed another bag, but she found it perfectly comfortable. Depending on the bean bag chair size and your personal comfort level, more bag of filler might be needed. You want to sink into the bean bag chair, but not touch the floor or feel like the bag is too stiff. Fabric paint is an easy way to disguise stains and add custom artwork to furniture.

What you need to make this project

1-2 Bags Poly-Fil Bean Bag Filler 2 1/2 Pound Bag
Old bean bag chair
Tulip Soft Fabric paints
Cup of water
Paper towel
Paper plate
Pliers, if your zipper is broken
Vacuum cleaner

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Step One

Pour a little paint onto the paper plate. Using wide paintbrushes, paint patterns onto the old bean bag chair. Work in sections, letting the paint dry before moving the bean bag chair more. This will take a while. The designs can be as simple or complex as you want. Since my bean bag is red, I chose neutral fabric paints for the designs.

Step Two

Open the bean bag chair by the zipper. If the zipper is partially broken like mine, using pliers to help move the zipper tab and open the bean bag chair. My 2nd zipper works perfectly.


Step Three

Shake the old bean bag filler to the bottom. Some will cling to the sides and want to pouf out. That is ok. Have a friend help you hold the bean bag filler container, to make filling easier. Though I did this on my own just fine, some help can be nice. Cut off one top corner of the bag. Carefully slip the filler bag into the chair opening. Tip the filler into the chair opening. Let gravity and gentle squeezing help move the filler into the chair. After about 1/3 of the filler was inside the chair, I shifted the opening farther up the bag, and cut a bigger hole in the bag. This allowed the filler to flow into the chair faster. Gently shake the bean bag chair while filling, to shift beans. Once the bag looks almost empty (some filler will cling to the bag), remove and dispose of the empty bag. Close up the bean bag chair using the same zippers.

Step Four

Sit in the refilled bean bag chair to see if it’s full enough. If it needs more filler, add another bag’s worth in the same way as the 1st bag. Otherwise, vacuum up any stray filler.