Padded iPad Sleeve

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What you need to make this project

1/2 yard of Smooth Fusible Fleece
Free Spirit Fabric, Tula Pink - Bumble Honeycomb Jade, Bumble Forest Stripe Jade ½ yard each
Coats and Clark Dual Duty XP Thread
Velcro® Brand 1x1″ Square White Sew On
Grey button (optional)

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Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing 44.5″ Wide X 6 Yard Roll

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Scissors, ruler or tape measure, iron, ironing board, sewing machine, straight pins, sewing needle and thread in a coordinating color.


Cutting guide:
For the layer with the fold-over flap, ( the longest piece) cut two pieces of fabric and one piece of the fusible batting to measure 9 inches by 15 inches.
For the smaller layer cut two pieces of fabric that measure 9 inches by 11 inches and one piece of fusible batting that measures the same.

Sew your Velcro® Brand 1×1″ Square 9 by 11 inch OUTER piece. Then match it up with the INNER piece that is 9 inches by 15 inches. You are sewing both of these on the right side of the fabric. They to line up when the flap is folded down.

With your Velcro® Brand 1×1″ Square in place, iron your fusible fleece to your inner pieces. Iron it so that it is on the back side of the fabric. Lift and press the iron. Do not move back and forth. That will stretch your fabric.

With the right sides together pin the layers in place. Next, sew the 2 outer pieces together and the 2 inner pieces together. Trim off any excess fabric. Leave one edge open so you can turn it right side out. Repeat this step on the longer piece too. Trim off any excess threads.

Turn both of the pieces right side out and press both of the pieces flat.

Places the pieces together with the outside fabric on the inside. Start with the open edges and pin the two pieces together. Sew around three of the four edges. (This will form the pouch.) Trim off any excess from the bottom and press flat. Turn the pieces right side out and press again. Trim off any excess threads.

Hand stitch on the button. Trim off any excess threads.

To adjust the measurements for any tablet or electronic device take the measurements of the device and add 1.5 inches to 2 inches. If the piece is thick add the two inches. If it is thin add 1.5.