Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover

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My old Todd Oldham ottoman was in need of a makeover. It had damage from spilled drinks and cat scratched fabric. I chose Robert Kaufman Geo Pop Canvas 2 in Pepper by Emmie K. The colors and pattern disguise my cat’s hair, and continues the modern feel of the ottoman. The Dritz Light Duty Staple Gun and Refill Staples worked fantastic for this project. The staple gun was much easier to use than my other staple gun. I didn’t have trouble squeezing the handle and refilling it was simple. I replaced the damaged foam, with Project Foam 24″ x 72″ x 1″ Thick. Choose foam that works for your ottoman size. To add more durability, I used Noire Cotton Blend Batting and Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing. My ottoman is now extra padded and durable, making it useful for my family and cats. Robert Kaufman has canvas in other colors and patterns, so choose something that best fits your decor style. White cotton batting can be used instead of black, for light colored fabrics.

What you need to make this project

Project Foam 24" x 72" x 1" Thick
Noire Cotton Blend Batting
Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing in Black
1/2 Yd - OlyFun in Jet Black
1 Yd - Robert Kaufman Geo Pop Canvas 2 in Pepper by Emmie K
Ottoman with legs
Black or white thread
Light grey thread
Needle nose pliers
Fabric scissors
Dritz Light Duty Staple Gun
Dritz Light Duty Refill Staples
Straight pins
Hand sewing needle
Ironing board

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Step One

This is the before. The fabric and foam is stained, ripped, and smelly. However, the legs are cool. They fold up, making the ottoman able to be stored. The base is a nice durable wood. This is a great example of how an old furniture piece can be repaired and updated.

Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 2

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 3

Step Two

This ottoman has metal legs attached with screws. Using a phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws. Set the screws in a bowl, and safely out of way. These will be reused to reattach the legs.

Step Three

With needle nose pliers, remove all of the old staples. This ottoman had 3 layers of staples. I couldn’t get all of the staples off, so I hammered them in flat, after removing the fabric and foam. Throw away the old staples, fabric, and foam. I kept a couple inner layers of foam that weren’t gross. My ottoman has a sturdy wood frame, which is perfect for layered stapling.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 4

Step Four

Wrap the Project Foam around the ottoman, from one long side to the other long side, but not onto the back. Cut this piece to fit. Cut two rectangle side pieces, to fill the sides. Remove the spring arm from the staple gun. Slide in a staple strip. Slide the spring arm back inside the staple gun, resecuring the end. Staple the rectangle side pieces, around the edge. Staple the wrapped foam along the bottom of the long edges.

Step Five

Lay one layer of batting over the foam, pulling the edges to the back. Staple along the back of one long side, about 2″ apart. Tightly pull the batting along the front, around to the opposite long edge. Staple along that long back edge. Repeat stapling for the short edges. Leave the last 3″ of the wood frame corners without staples. If any of the staples are sticking out, either remove them and restaple that section tighter. Or, hammer them in tighter. The staples should be even and tight in the wood. They don’t have to be in a straight row, but both staple prongs should be secure in the wood.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 5

Step Six

Fold the batting corners in. Overlap the batting. Cut away the excess beyond a 1″ overlap, with fabric scissors. Smooth and fold in the overlapping edges, like a seam. Straight pin in place. Thread your needle with black or white thread (matching the batting color). Match the thread and double knot the ends. Whip stitch the batting corner closed. This will make the corners smoother at the end. When you finish stitching, knot off the thread, and cut off the excess.

Step Seven

Lay the canvas print side down. Lay the ottoman on the canvas, bottom up. Pull the canvas around the ottoman back, to figure out how much fabric you need for the final wrap. Estimate the fabric size larger than needed. Cut off the excess yardage.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 6

Step Eight

Cut a piece of Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing, slightly larger than the sized canvas piece. At the ironing board, turn the iron to the cotton setting. Lay the Smooth on the board, glue (rough) side up. Center the canvas onto the Smooth, print side up. Slowly iron the pieces together, making sure they fuse completely. I used the old black Smooth had, but it’s currently only available in white. Both colors work the same.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 7

Step Nine

Lay the canvas down on the work surface, Smooth side up. Center the ottoman on top, batting side down. Repeat the stapling.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 8

Step Ten

Repeat the corner treatment, keeping the corner fabric smooth and tight. Instead of whipstitching, use a running stitch with light grey thread.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 10

Step Eleven

Staple Jet Black OlyFun on the ottoman bottom, to neatly cover the wraps and protect the wood…from cats. This stapling should be straight and neatly spaced.

  • Modern Canvas Ottoman Makeover 11

Step Twelve

Using the needle nose pliers, locate the screw holes and poke through the Olyfun. I located a couple screw holes for each leg, knowing the leg holes would line up, making finding the other holes easy. Line up a leg with the screw holes. Screw the legging back in place, with the screwdriving and original screws.