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Show your school spirit by creating team banners. With metallic oly*fun™ now available the color range is fantastic and you are sure to find just the right combination to match your school or teams colors. oly*fun™ is simple to cut, die cut, glue and more. This is a no-sew project and therefore a perfect activity for booster clubs or other groups.

What you need to make this project

oly-fun™ Twilight
oly-fun™ White
oly-fun™ Silver
Ribbon - 1/4 inch wide
Dowel Rod - 1/4 inch by 12 inches long
Low temp glue gun & glue sticks
Navy embroidery floss
Letter Dies & Die Cutting Machine
Sport themed Die
Pressing cloth
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Measuring and Pressing tools & supplies

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Step One

Cut one 11 inch by 17 inch rectangle from Twilight oly-fun™. Fold over one edge to create a rod pocket 2 inches deep. The banner will now measure 11 inches by 15 inches. Using the glue gun, carefully apply glue along the folded edge and press to the back of the banner. Note: If you feel the need to press oly-fun™ always use a pressing cloth. Do not let your iron touch the surface of oly-fun™ directly.

Step Two

Cut one 9 inch by 12 inch rectangle from Snow White oly-fun™. Center the Snow White oly-fun™ on top of the Twilight oly-fun™ rectangle. Carefully apply glue to the edges of the Snow White oly-fun™ and press to adhere.

Step Three

Cut 1/2 inch wide strips of Silver oly-fun™. Using the glue gun; carefully adhere strips over the edge of the Snow White oly-fun™, mitering the corners of the oly-fun™ strips as you glue.

Step Four

Using a die cut machine and assorted dies; cut out the lettering and sport motifs of your choice. Referring to the project photo, cut out each letter and motif twice.

Step Five

Place the first layer of lettering and sport motif(s) on top of the banner in the desired placement. Carefully lift each item and add glue. To achieve the shadowing effect, slightly offset the second layer and repeat. Note: If your desired motif requires lacing or other embellishment do this before glueing the motif to the banner. See additional instructions.

Step Six

In the case of the figure skate motif shown in the project photo, embroidery floss was laced through one skate and then through the second, leaving a length of floss between the two skates. The skates were then hung from the banner through the use of a brad. The skates were glued in place after lacing.

Step Seven

Insert the dowel rod through the rod pocket at the top of the banner and tie the ribbon to each end.