OlyFun Striped Polka Dot Bow

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This OlyFun Striped Polka Dot Bow is a great starter sewing project. OlyFun doesn’t fray, making it great for basic stripes. The dimensional paint creates great textural contrast. OlyFun is available in 18 colors and 4 metallics, for a huge color combo of bow possibilities. I used Jelly OlyFun and Kiwi OlyFun. I originally made this bow with a barrette, but it would stay up better with a thin headband, which can be hot glued or sewn on. This whole project can be no-sew with careful hot gluing. Head over to my website, Crafty Lady Abby, to make this OlyFun Striped Polka Dot Bow.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Kiwi
OlyFun in Jelly
Blank barrette or headband
Lime green thread
Lime green dimensional paint
Purple dimensional paint
Low temp hot glue gun
Low temp glue sticks
Wax paper
Sewing machine

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