Oly*Fun Princess Crown

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I don’t know about you, but in my house a DIY tutorial on how to make an Oly*Fun Princess Crown will certainly be getting it’s fair share of use. You see I have two girls and I can’t simply make one crown for one little princess and leave the other with a bare head, now can I??

Now before we begin I have to confess – I was totally winging this as I went along. And I was taking photos as I was winging it…so I have a few “notes” to share that would have been in the photos if I had thought of it while I was taking photos! LOL!!!

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Bubble Gum
Oly-Fun Jelly
Oly-Fun Orchid
Structure Interlining
White Felt - National Nonwovens
Low Temp Glue Gun - AdTech
Heart Dies - Spellbinders
Buttons - Buttons Galore & More
Scraps of Ribbon & Tulle

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  • 01-Press-Structure-to-Oly-Fun-Wrap-and-Press-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step One

To begin, cut a piece of Structure 2 Interlining 2″ x 24″. Cut a strip of Jelly oly*fun 5″x 26″. Fold the oly*fun ends in and then fold the oly*fun around the strip of Structure 2 & use an iron to press and adhere the oly*fun to the strip of Structure 2.





  • 02-Hot-Glue-Felt-Strip-Over-Edges-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Two

Cut a strip of white felt 1.75″ x 23.5″ and use a low temp hot glue gun to adhere it over the edges of the oly*fun.

  • 03-Hot-Glue-Two-And-A-Half-Inch-Strip-of-Velcro-Hook-on-Inside-of-Crown-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Three

Cut a strip of .5″ x 2.5″ velcro. Use the glue gun again to adhere the hook side to the outside of the crown band. Press the velcro fully on and hold until well cooled.

  • 04-Place-Velcro-Loops-Onto-Hooks-Hot-Glue-On-Top-Line-Up-Crown-Press-and-Hold-Until-Fully-Cool-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Four

Place the loopy part of the velcro over the hook part, add hot glue to the top of that and align the other end of the crown band atop the glue, as shown here. Hold and press tightly until the glue is fully cooled.

  • 05-Die-Cut-Hearts-from-Oly-Fun-Pressed-to-Structure-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Five

Use the iron again to press and adhere a few scraps of oly*fun to some scraps of Structure 2 interlining. Use some heart dies to die cut through the layers. (Here’s where I would have then added glitter around the edges of the hearts – something I ended up doing at the last minute and it would have been better and easier to have done it here at this step!) Embellish the hearts with glitter or other fun trinkets and sparkly items. :)


  • 06-Embellish-the-Back-Edges-using-Wide-Ribbon-Tulle-and-Buttons-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Six

Embellish the top layer end of the crown band to create a train down the back. Here you can see I used a very wide grosgrain ribbon, tulle scraps and some coordinating buttons. But feel free to use whatever you have on hand.


  • 06-Hot-Glue-Hearts-to-Front-of-Crown-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Seven

Finally, adhere the three hearts to the front of the crown band. I added glitter at this step and realized it would have been far easier to have done it in step 5!

  • Front-View-Of-Crown-Keri-Lee-Sereika
  • Back-View-Of-Crown-Keri-Lee-Sereika

Step Eight

Front & Back Views