Olyfun Oversized Donut Tote Bag

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Donuts, gold, and oversized bags are current hot trends. Of course I had to combine them to make an oversized donut tote bag, with the help of Fairfield World’s new Metallic Gold OlyFun, and Bubble Gum OlyFun. I chose Metallic Gold OlyFun, because it reminds me of a golden donut. I’ve been really into pink lately, so of course I needed some pink icing. Metallic OlyFun comes in 4 colors, and normal OlyFun comes in 18 colors. You can customize your donut tote bag with any color combo you desire. Add to those possibilities by painting colorful and metallic sprinkles onto your icing. I put this project at intermediate and expert, because there are many curves involved, which are very tricky for a beginner. If you’re a beginner up for a new challenge, perhaps this project is kitschy enough to pique your interest.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Bubble Gum
OlyFun Metallic in Gold
Fabric paint in assorted colors
Dimensional fabric paint in assorted colors
Tan thread
Hot pink thread
Large construction paper
Math compass
Paper scissors
Clear quilting ruler
Fabric scissors
Straight pins
Detail paintbrush
Cup of water
Paper towels
Paper plate
Wax paper
Sewing machine

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  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 1

Step One

Using the math compass or ruler and pencil, on the large construction paper, create a half circle with a 9″ radius. My math compass wasn’t large enough for a 9″ radius, so I drew the half circle as big as possible. Then, I extended the circle using a ruler. A clear quilting or drafting ruler is handy for this, because you can see through it and line up the paper measurements with the printed grid. Cut out the the half circle donut pattern with paper scissors. I label my patterns, so I can remember the measurements and reuse the pattern later.

If you’re like me, and you don’t recall the different lines of a circle, I made you this helpful diagram.


  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 2

Step Two

This donut needs icing. Place the half circle onto another large construction paper sheet, and trace it. With the compass or ruler and pencil, create a smaller circle with a 2.25″ radius, a 4.5″ diameter, on the center straight edge. 2″ inside the bigger circle edge, draw scallops for icing. They do not need to be symmetrical. Cut out the donut icing pattern, with paper scissors. Label it with a pen.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 3

Step Three

On the back of the gold OlyFun, trace the half circle donut pattern, using a pen. Flip the pattern over, matching up the curves, and trace again, creating a full circle. Create two full circles. Cut out with fabric scissors and set aside.

DO NOT STRAIGHT PIN THE PATTERN. Metallic OlyFun leaves noticeable holes when pierced with straight pins and stitching. Use tape instead, if needed.

Step Four

Fold the Bubble Gum OlyFun in half. Line up the half circle and half icing patterns along the fold. You can pin the pattern here, because normal OlyFun won’t easily show little holes. You need 3 circles and 1 icing. Cut out the shapes with fabric scissors. Set the circle pieces aside.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 4

Step Five

Lay wax paper into the work surface. Lay the pink icing onto the wax paper. Pour a little of the contrasting fabric paint colors onto a paper plate. Mix the paints if you want custom colors. I chose cool colors (purple, blue, and green), gold, and white. The colors will stand out best if they are opposite to the donut icing color. Using a small flat brush, add big sprinkles. Wait for the sprinkles to dry.

Shake the dimensional paint bottles well. Squeeze a little paint onto the paper plate, to check the mix and flow. Practice making dots. When you’re ready, carefully make dots scattered between the sprinkles. They will look like those little candy balls called nonpareils. Let this dry for several hours, before handling. After it’s dry, if you notice any of the dots have gone flat, squeeze more dimensional paint on top of the flat dots. All of my green dots spread out and went flat, so they needed a second squeeze. Happens to the best of us!

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 12

Step Six

Lay the pink icing centered face up on one gold circle. Pin in place. At the sewing machine, set the stitch length a little longer, for top stitching. Carefully top stitch around the inner circle. Then, around the scalloped edge. Trim the excess threads.

Step Seven

On the back of the gold OlyFun, with the ruler and pen, draw two rectangles 22″ by 5″ and two rectangles 15″ by 3″. On the Bubble Gum Olyfun, draw on rectangle 42″ by 5″. Cut them out with fabric scissors. The smaller rectangles are for handles. The larger rectangles are for the bag side. Set the larger rectangles aside.

Step Eight

This bag needs handles. With a smaller rectangle, fold the long sides inward, in 3rds. With tan thread, top stitch down both folded long sides, making sure to catch the raw edge. Repeat with the other small rectangle.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 8

Step Nine

At the sewing machine, with gold sides facing, straight stitch two short sides together about 1/4″ from the edge. Flat the seam out, with both edges to one side. Topstitch 1/8″ from the seam, securing those edges flat. Clip excess threads.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 9

Step Ten

I found sewing the side to the circles was easiest without straight pins, so I could accurately shift the fabric around the curve. This is actually a lot easier than it looks, just go slowly. Pick a place to start, and straight stitch the gold rectangle to one circle, 1/2″ from the edge. Leave 1/2″ at the beginning and end of the rectangle without stitching. Repeat for the 2nd circle. Cut off the excess thread. Clip the sewn circle edges every 1/2″, making sure not to cut through the thread. Turn the gold bag inside out, making sure to push the circle edges into shape.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 6

Step Eleven

Fold one of the Bubble Gum circles in half. Line it up with another Bubble Gum circle. Straight pin along the edge. Load the sewing machine with pink thread. Straight stitch along the pocket curve, 1/4″ from the edge. Cut off excess thread. For the lining, this pocket side is considered a right side.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Handbag 10

Step Twelve

Repeat the same circle sewing with the Bubble Gum circles and long rectangle. Leave 1/2″ at the beginning and end of the rectangle without stitching. This will make putting the lining into the bag easier later. Remember the circle with the pocket is a right side, so for this step, the right sides should be facing. Clip the sewn circle edges every 1/2″, making sure not to cut through the thread.

  • Olyfun Oversized Donut Tote Bag 11

Step Thirteen

Place the lining inside the gold back. Line up the edges. Fold the edges in 1/2″. Insert the handle ends, between the bag layers, along the circle top. Straight pin the handles and edges place. Load the sewing machine with tan thread, and lengthen the straight stitch. Topstitch the folded edges and handles in place. Clip the excess threads.

Step Fourteen

When the bag is complete, it should look similar to mine.
Olyfun Oversized Donut Tote Bag (14)