OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband

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This OlyFun Ice Cream Headband, is perfect for enjoying a warm weather party. The ice cream is made using OlyFun craft sheets in Bubble Gum, Sea Green, and Orchid, which are the perfect sherbet and mint colors. The waffle cone is made with a Hot Fudge OlyFun craft sheet, and gold paint. No ice cream complete without a cherry, making Cherry Pop the perfect color. The sprinkles are made with fabric paint. A little Poly-Fil add some dimension to the cone and ice cream. This project is no-sew, put together with only hot glue. OlyFun comes in 18 colors and 4 metallics, perfect for your own custom creation. OlyFun doesn’t fray and cuts like paper, making it perfect for unusual craft projects.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Craft Sheets in Hot Fudge
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Bubble Gum
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Orchid
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Sea Green
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Cherry Pop
Poly-Fil Crafter's Choice Dry Packing Fiber Fil - 10 Oz Bag
1” Headband blank
Tulip soft fabric paint in silver, white, and gold
Fine detail paintbrush
Adhesive Technologies Two-Temperature Full Size Cordless Glue Gun Two Temp
Adhesive Technologies Multi Temperature Full Size Hot Glue Sticks

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Oly-Fun® Craft Sheets – Hot Fudge – 18 pieces


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Oly-Fun® Craft Sheets – Orchid – 18 pieces


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Oly-Fun® Craft Sheets – Cherry Pop – 18 pieces


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Poly-Fil® Crafter’s Choice® Dry Packing Fiber Fill 10 ounce Bag


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  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 4

Step One

On the paper, draw a triangle 5” long by 2.5” wide, a 1” wide circle, a 1” long by ¼” wide curved cherry stem, and a 1” by and 2” long by 3” scoop of ice cream. Cut them out with scissors.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 5

Step Two

Trace the triangle and curved cherry stem, on the Hot Fudge OlyFun twice. Trace the scoop of ice cream onto the Bubble Gum, Orchid, and Sea Green OlyFun twice each. Trace the the circle onto Cherry Pop OlyFun twice. Cut out all the traced shapes.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 6

Step Three

With the gold fabric paint and paintbrush, paint a diagonal grid on both Hot Fudge triangles. Paint gold sprinkles onto one Sea Green ice cream. Paint silver dots on one Orchid ice cream. Paint white diagonal wavy lines on one pink ice cream. Paint a gold highlight on one gold cherry stem. Paint a white highlight on one Cherry Pop circle.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 10

Step Four

Cut 4 or more ½” wide strips and 2 – 2” by 2” squares, from the Hot Fudge OlyFun. Starting at one headband end, hot glue and wrap the strips around the headband, at a diagonal. Overlap the wraps. Add new strips on the back. Finish wrapping on the back. Hot glue and fold a square on each headband end, wrapping the OlyFun to the back.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 7

Step Five

Set the two temp hot glue gun to low temperature. Insert a full sized hot glue stick. Once it’s warm, it can be used. Hot glue the triangles together, along the long sides. Stuff lightly with Poly-Fil filling. Hot glue the short end closed. Hot glue each ice cream set together, leaving a 1” opening. Stuff lightly with Poly-Fil filling. Hot glue the openings closed.

Step Six

Hot glue the stem and cherry sets together.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 8

Step Seven

Starting 2” from one end, hot glue the ice cream cone to the headband. Hot glue the scoops of ice cream to the headband, one at a time, overlapping the ends slightly. Hot glue the cherry overlapping the last scoop of ice cream. Only apply hot glue to the wrapped headband. Add a little hot glue to the cherry stem back. Place stem overlapping the cherry slightly, laying along the headband.

  • OlyFun Ice Cream Cone Headband 9

Step Eight

Carefully paint gold along the cherry stem highlight.