Oly*fun™ Holiday Tree

Category: Decor

Transform a plain cone into a festive and colorful Oly*Fun Holiday Tree. The beauty is in the different colors of fun fabric that you decorate with white paint polka dots or paint with glitter prior to assembly. This project is great to do with the kids, too!

What you need to make this project

1 package each of Snow White, Pine, Sea Green, Kiwi, and Clover Oly-Fun
Styrofoam cone
Dot Stencil
White and Silver Craft Paint
Straight Pins

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  • OlyFun Holiday Tree Step 1

Step One

Cut each Oly*Fun fabric into 8 by 8 inch squares.

Use the stencil to make white polka dots on part of the Oly*Fun fabric.  Add glitter paint to another part of the fabric.  Let it dry.

  • OlyFun Holiday Tree Step 2

Step Two

Cut each square into 1 inch strips, and cut each strip in half.  You now have 4 inch by 1 inch “ribbons” with varying finishes.

  • OlyFun Holiday Tree Step 3

Step Three

Start at the bottom of the cone.  Fold a ribbon of Oly*Fun fabric in half, and pin to the cone. Repeat, placing each ribbon next to the one before it.

Once the row is full, repeat and overlap the ribbon to cover any styrofoam that is showing.

  • OlyFun Holiday Tree Step 5

Step Four

Continue the folding and pinning process as your work your way up the cone until the tree is full.