Oly*Fun Fringe Pillow

Categories: Bedding, Decor, Kid Friendly, Pillow

Add some style to your decor with this fun and easy to make fringe pillow. Easy to make using straight-stitching, you can whip up this pillow in the color of your choice in an afternoon.

What you need to make this project


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olyfun fringe pillow supplies

From the Oly*fun, cut:
17″ x 17″ square
2 pieces, 17″ x 11″
9 strips, each 3.5″ wide

Put the strips into stacks of 3-4. Cut into a fringe, using your finger as a guide for the width of the fringe. Do not cut all the way through – leave 1/2″ uncut.

cut fringe finger width

On the 17″ strip, draw lines 2.5″ apart.

draw lines

Stitch the strips along the lines.

stitch down fringe

Trim up the square. Place the two remaining rectangles on top of the square, overlapping in the center. Pin down and stitch all the way around.

Turn right side out. Your pillow is complete!

finished fringe pillow