OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse

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The OlyFun daisy cross body purse is the perfect retro 90s bag. This bag would be fabulous at all the upcoming festivals. OlyFun doesn’t fray and cuts like paper, making it great for a daisy design purse. I used a classic daisy bag color combo of a white daisy with a yellow center, on a black background. OlyFun comes in 18 colors and 4 metallics, allowing for a custom color combo. This bag is made with 3 packs of OlyFun craft sheets, making it an affordable project. The sheets are 12″ x 12″, which I accounted for, in all my measurements, so the bag is at maximum size. If cross body purses aren’t your preferred bag style, shorten the strap for handbag length, or add a wristlet strap instead.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun Craft Sheets in Jet Black
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Snow White
OlyFun Craft Sheets in Lemon Drop
White thread
Yellow thread
Black thread
Black hook and loop tape
Math compass
White pencil
Straight pins
Sewing machine

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Step One

With the compass, draw a 12” wide circle on the paper. On another sheet of paper, draw a 2” wide circle. With the ruler and pencil, draw a 3.5” by 2” rectangle. Cut out the patterns.

Step Two

With the white pencil, trace the 12” wide circle pattern onto 5 sheets of Jet Black OlyFun. Trace the small rectangle pattern onto a Jet Black OlyFun sheet. Trace the 2” wide circle pattern onto one sheet of Lemon Drop OlyFun. Cut out the shapes.

Step Three

On a Jet Black OlyFun sheet, mark 6 rectangles 12” long by 4.5” wide. Cut out the long rectangles.

Step Four

Square off a piece of paper, to 9″ by 9″. Fold the paper into 8 even triangles, like a snowflake. Draw a petal shape. Cut along the drawn line. Open up the flower pattern and trim, until the desired petal shape is achieved.

Step Five

Trace the flower pattern onto two sheets of Snow White OlyFun. Cut out the flower pieces.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 3

Step Six

Center one Snow White flower layer onto one Jet Black circle. Straight pin in place. At the sewing machine, with white thread, stitch around the Snow White flower edge. 

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 4

Step Seven

Layer the 2nd petal piece over the 1st. Straight pin in place. Stitch around the flower edge.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 5

Step Eight

Center the Lemon Drop circle on the 2nd petal piece. Stitch around the circle, with yellow thread.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 6

Step Nine

Cut one black circle in half. Pin the halves to two more black circles. Using the ruler and white pencil, draw vertical lines down the halves, divide them into pockets. I made one circle with 3 pockets, and the other circle with 2 pockets. At the sewing machine, with black thread, straight stitch along those lines. Stitch along the half circle ⅛” from the edge.

Step Ten

Sew the two small rectangles together, leaving one small side open. Clip the two sewn corners. Turn the rectangles inside out. 

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 8

Step Eleven

Cut a 2” piece of hook and loop tape. Pin one rough piece to the 5th black circle. Pin the fuzzy piece to the sewn rectangle. Straight stitch the pieces in place. 

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 7

Step Twelve

Baste the rectangle to the daisy circle, 1/8″ from the edge.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 9

Step Thirteen

Pin the daisy and a pocket circle, right sides together. Pin the other two circles, right sides together. With black thread, stitch around each pair of circles ¼” from the edge, leaving a 2” opening at the bottom. Clip the circle edges, every 1”, making sure not the cut through the stitching. Turn the circles right side out. Smooth the circles out. Pin the edge, folding in the openings to match the seam.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 12

Step Fourteen

On the inside, with the white pencil, mark 2” down from the circle top, on each circle pair. This will be the bag opening. Stitch along this section only, ¼” from the edge.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 13

Step Fifteen

Match up the circles by the hook and loop tape, pocket sides facing. Straight pin in place, below the bag opening section. Straight stitch the circles together, ¼” from the edge. Do not stitch the bag opening closed.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 10

Step Sixteen

Straight stitch the 6 Jet Black rectangles together, in a long row. Fold the long edges in, overlapping them ¼” at the center. Zig zag stitch down the center, catching the overlapped edges.

Step Seventeen

Pin one strap end onto the bag back, at an outward angle, beside the hook and loop tape. Try the bag on, with the strap across the body. The bag should sit hip level. Cut the strap to fit this length need. Pin the other strap end to the bag back, at an outward angle, opposite the 1st strap end. Fold in the strap ends, so they look even with the long folded edges.

  • OlyFun Daisy Cross Body Purse 11

Step Eighteen

Fold back the front flap. At the sewing machine, straight stitch the strap ends, in a square. This stitching keeps the straps secured strongly. Stitching should only be through the strap and back layers.