oly*fun™ Backward Bunny Pillow

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We’re not sure if these two little guys are looking for eggs, the farmer or are just perhaps a little shy. oly*fun™ makes creating your very own version of this pillow super easy.  No fraying, great color choices and it cuts like a dream.  Full size patterns and step by step illustrated diagrams will help insure your success.

What you need to make this project

oly-fun™ - Orchid 3/8 yard
oly-fun™ - Bubble Gum 1/8 yard
oly-fun™ - Sea Green 1/8 yard
oly-fun™ - Snow White - 1/4 yard
Crafter's Choice® Pillow 12" x 16"
Yarn - White

Download Pattern

Yarn Needle
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing, Cutting, Pressing and Measuring Tools & Supplies

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Step One

Cut the following from oly-fun™

Lilac – One 13″ x 17″ rectangle, Two 13″ squares

Snow White – Two 11.5″ x 15.5″ rectangles

Bubble Gum & Sea Green – Use patterns provided to cut out bunnies and their ears

Step by step diagrams have been provided. See Backward Bunny Diagrams Oly-Fun™ Backward Bunny Pillow Diagrams

Step Two

Center the two pieces of Snow White oly-fun™ together on top of the 13″ x 17″ rectangle of Lilac oly-fun™.  Stitch around the outside edges of the the Snow White oly-fun™, stitching through all layers. Illustrated step by step diagrams have been provided.

Step Three

Center the oly-fun™ bunny body cutouts on top of the Snow White oly-fun™ and pin.  Lift the top edges of the bodies and insert the bunny ears, placing as you see fit. Pin the ears in place.  Lift the main part of the bunny body away from the ears and top stitch around each of the ears. Replace the bodies over the bottom of the ears and top stitch the bodies in place.

Step Four

Cut an 8″ length of yarn and set aside. Wrap yarn around four fingers of one of your hands. Wrap a total of 30 times. Slip the yarn off your fingers and using the length of yarn cut earlier, tie it tightly around the center of the yarn loops. Cut apart the loops and fluff the pompom. Trim the pompom as desired.

Step Five

Using the two yarn tie ends one at a time, thread the ends onto a sharp yarn needle. Insert the needle into the pillow front at the base of the bunny body and draw the yarn through all layers of the pillow. Repeat using the opposite end of the yarn and inserting the needle 1/4″ away.  Tie a knot using the yarn ends. Trim the ends to 2″ in length.  Repeat to create and attach a second pom pom to the remaining bunny.

Step Six

Turn under one edge of the 13″ square of Lilac oly-fun™ 1″ and finger press. Repeat turning a second time. Pin to secure. Top stitch along the first fold. Repeat using the second piece of Lilac oly-fun™. Place the two pieces of oly-fun™ on top of each other with the finished edges facing up.  Cover with the pillow top facing down.  Pin along the outside edges.

Step Seven

Stitch around the outside edge of the pillow, using a 3/8″ seam. Turn the pillow right side out and insert the Crafter’s Choice pillow. Stand back and enjoy.  Perhaps you need a second pillow to use as a gift.