Oly-Fun™ Giant Poinsettias

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Let’s make Christmas truly homemade with some Oly-Fun™ Giant Poinsettias to hang as ornaments outdoors or indoors. Place one on your mailbox or tie them to the back of the dining room chairs to make your guests feel extra special. Oly-Fun™ is once again the perfect material to create with as it is easy to cut and sew, does not fray, comes in bright bold colors and is so inexpensive it will surely keep you on budget this holiday season.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun™ Cherry Pop - 1/2 yard per large flower
Oly-Fun™ Snow White - 1/2 yard per large flower
Oly-Fun™ Kiwi - 1/4 yard
24 gauge Fabric Covered Wire
Assorted Buttons
Contrasting Thread
Sewing Machine
Basic Sewing, Cutting and Pressing tools & supplies

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Step One

Cut the following strips from Oly-Fun™ in the color of your choice:

Double Poinsettia                            Single Poinsettia

Cherry Pop or Snow White

Ten – 3” x 18 “

Eight – 3” x 15”                                  Eight – 3” x 15”

Six – 3” x 12”                                      Six – 3” x 12”

Kiwi or Clover

Six – 3” x 21”                                      Two – 3” x 18”

Step Two

With two strips on top of each other, cut notches into each of the pairs of strips. You should have 5 – 18″ pairs, 4 – 16 inch pairs and 3 – 12″ pairs for a large poinsettia as well as 3 – 21″ pairs for the green leaves. Use the diagrams provided as a guide when cutting notches. See steps A & B & C


Step Three

Stitch around the outside edge of the paired strips using a contrasting color of thread. See Step D

Step Four

Using one of the 18″ strips, fold it in half lengthwise, repeat folding each of the sides down to meet the first fold. Insert a large pin through the center of the strip to hold the pleats together. Repeat with the remaining 4 strips. See Step E

Step Five

Wrap wire around the center of all 5 petals and tie tightly. Separate the petals by wrapping the wire between petals and then to the back of the flower. See Steps F & G


Step Six

Repeat with 15″ petals. Use the remaining wire at the back to attach the 15″ petals on top of the 18″ petals. Repeat adding the 12″ petals.


Step Seven

Insert a piece of wire through the holes in a button, layering multiple buttons on top of each other, if desired. Tie the button to the center front of the poinsettia, wrapping the wire to the back of the poinsettia.

Step Eight

Fold the three Kiwi Oly-Fun™leaf groupings in the same manner as described above and tie them together with wire. Add the Kiwi leaves to the back of the poinsettia using the leftover wire at the back of the base poinsettia flower.