Oly-Fun™ Frank Halloween Bag

Category: Kid Friendly

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner.  If you have young kids or grandlittles this is a perfect project to create with them so they are ready for Trick or Treating!

What you need to make this project

Black Thread
Craft Glue
Sewing Machine
Big Shot Die Cutting Machine
Serif Essentials Alphabet Dies
Assorted Basic Thinlets Shapes

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Step One

Cut 2 pieces of Clover Oly-Fun™ 12″ x 18″ for the bag front and back.

Step Two

Cut 2 pieces of Jet Black Oly-Fun™ 2″ x 28″ for the straps, 1 piece 7″ x 1/4″ for the brow and one piece 12″ x 6″ which will become the hair.  Also, cut a jagged half circle approximately 6″ x 1/4″ for the mouth.

Step Three

Die cut letters for name and 2 large ovals for eyes with Snow Oly-Fun™.  Then, die cut 2 medium ovals for eyes and 1 small circle for the nose with Jet Black Oly-Fun™.

Oly-Fun™ Frank Halloween Bag

Step Four

Fold the hair piece in quarters, so that it is 3″ x 6″ and then, using a scissors cut the one of the short edges with some V’s to create the hair.

Oly-Fun™ Frank Halloween Bag

Step Five

Arrange the pieces to check that you have everything the way you want it before you sew the bag together.

Oly-Fun™ Frank Halloween Bag

Step Six

Fold to the inside 1″ of the 12″ edge of bag front and back and sew in place.

Oly-Fun™ Frank Halloween Bag

Step Seven

Place the hair on the top edge of the front of the bag, folding over 1/2″ to the inside, sew in place.

Step Eight

Place right sides of the bag together and stitch around the sides and bottom of the bag.

Step Nine

Fold strap pieces in half and stitch the long edges together.  Place one strap onto the front of the bag and the other one on the back of the bag and stitch in place.  Turn the bag to the right side.

Frank Halloween Bag

Step Ten

Place cardstock inside the bag and then, glue on the face and name to finish the bag.

Frank Halloween Bag