No Sew Window Seat Cushions

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Why not make up these no sew window seat cushions for your home? They are easy to make and really a lot of fun to plan out.

This quick project uses  4” thick foam using a cut from a slab of Cushion Foam. You could also use pre-cut pieces of Project Foam cut to size and glued together if needed. When the foam is mounted on a base of plywood you have an instant cushion!


What you need to make this project

Enough 4" thick Cushion or Project Soft Support Foam to cover all surfaces
54” wide decorator fabric cut to length of window seat plus 16” for sides and stapling
Electric Knife (to cut foam)
Staple Gun and ¼” Staples
Pencil or Marker
Optional: Jigsaw and Hammer

Quick Shop


  • Check-Plywood-cuts

Step One

Measure space to figure out size of platform needed. Notice that if there are moldings or extra details how you will fill the space. Make careful measurements and bring these with you to the lumber yard. Subtract from your cutting allowance by 1/4” or so to allow for ease in the space, fabric and for cutting inconsistency.

Once all boards are cut, test out the board fit first before covering with fabric. If the fit is too tight (there should be about a ¼” margin all around for fabric covering) then use a jigsaw to have it trimmed to fit.


Step Two

Use the perfect-fitting plywood board to mark the slab of foam. Align the factory cut edge of foam with the front of the foam platform. If you are making a few foam platforms, be sure to label them – note the top too!

Cut foam piece slowly and carefully using an electric knife. Take care to keep knife straight and perpendicular to foam. If knife blades are angled, the cut will be uneven

  • Cut-Foam-Glued-to-Plywood

Step Three

Working outside, match up cut foam piece and plywood base. Use spray adhesive on the sides to be adhered together. Press the two pieces together to form the bond – note that the plywood base and foam edges should match up neatly.

Step Four

Lay right side of fabric down and invert foam platform over wrong side of fabric. (Plan in advance where you want the dominant elements of your fabric pattern to be placed). Bring long sides up to plywood back and begin to staple long sides in place. Work from the center out and pulling taut. Take care not to pull too tightly so as to warp the pattern.

Step Five

Finish short end just like wrapping a present. Wrap fabric around end and then trip excess away to reduce bulk. Bring fabric up and over folds. Adjust fabric at side to make a clean crisp edge. Staple all fabric into place, pulling to smooth fabric. Repeat to cover other end.

  • Cover-Ends

Step Six

Trim away an excess or loose fabric. Check all staples to make sure that they are completely level with fabric. Use a hammer to lightly tap any protruding staples into place. Place your no sew window seat cushions into place and enjoy!