No Sew Snowman

Categories: Gifts, Decor, Kid Friendly

Did you say white socks and stuffing beads? How cute is that!

This adorable no sew snowman is fun to make with just a few items. Get the kids together for this project and have some fun.

What you need to make this project

Bag of Poly-Fil® Poly Pellets® Weighted Stuffing Beads
Bag of Poly-Fil® Fiberfill
White children’s tube socks
Elastic bands
Google eyes
Pipe cleaners (or Chenille Stems)
Black Felt
Fabric Glue
Optional Decoratives: Ribbon, Glitter Glue, Fabric Paint, Fabric Scraps, Embellishments

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Step One

To make the feet: gather a small section of sock on each side of the toe area.

Stuff with a small amount of fiberfill and secure with elastics.

Step Two

Fill the bottom of the sock with about ½ cup of Poly-Pellets® weighted stuffing beads and one or two handfuls of Poly-fil® fiberfill.

Tie the sock closed with string or secure with an elastic band.

Step Three

Add one or two handfuls of Poly-fil® fiberfill and secure.

Repeat for top section.

Fold over the top of the sock to form a hat. For no hat, tuck top of sock inside and glue or stitch closed.

Step Four

Poke a pipe cleaner through each side of the center section and fold in half.

Twist, trim and open ends to form arms. Repeat on top to make hair if desired.

Step Five

Now glue on eyes and round pieces of felt for buttons. Draw or use felt to make nose, mouth and eyebrows.

Embellish as desired.  You can cut some felt or fabric to make a scarf. Add buttons or beads. Use whatever you have in your stash.

Project Note: For a simpler snowman, just turn the sock inside out and tie a knot at the bottom. Turn right side out and repeat directions above eliminating the middle section.