No Sew Princess Puppy Bed

Category: Bedding

A few years ago I made a unique pet bed for my dog, Nacho.  You might remember my suitcase pet bed, seen HERE.  We added a sweet female puppy, who we named Xena, to our home, and I had to make her a special bed, too.  I grabbed an old wicker basket that I had lying around and repurposed it into a sweet princess puppy bed.  Since I know she will outgrow this quickly I used remnants and thrifted items to make a no sew princess puppy bed in under an hour.


What you need to make this project

Poly-Fil Batting
Poly-Fil Fiber
Foam Pad
Wicker Basket
Ultra Dye from Plaid Crafts
T-shirt (XL)
Glue Gun
Fur Fabric

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Step One

Paint the fabric with Ultra Dye in the desired color.  This dye is specially made for fabric, wicker, and similar surfaces and quickly provides bright, bold color.  It only took one application to create this brilliant hue!



Step Two

Cut a piece of foam to fit in the basket.


Cut a piece of batting to wrap around the foam.  Wrap the batting all the way around the foam.


Place the batting wrapped foam inside a large t-shirt.  Hot glue the sleeves and neck of the t-shirt closed.



Step Three

Place the padded shirt inside the basket, and add Poly-Fil stuffing on top of the batting to create a soft surface. Hot glue the bottom of the t-shirt closed.

Step Four

Lay a scrap of fur fabric over the cushioning.  Tuck the ends into the basket.

step-4a step-4b step-4c