No-Sew Hexies with Smooth™ Fusible Fleece

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There are SO many fun hexie projects these days, but hand-basting them can be tedious.  Make a few or make a lot…You’ll love this technique for using our Smooth™ Fusible Fleece to add a bit of support and hold down all those seam allowance.  These directions are written for making 1″ hexies, but you could make them in any size.

What you need to make this project

Smooth Fusible Fleece Interfacing
Fabric Scraps or 2.5" Charm Squares
1" Hexie Template
Iron and Ironing Board
Rotary Cutter and Mat or Fabric Scissors

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Step One

Use your 1″ Hexie Template (or other size) to cut 1″ hexies out of your Smooth™ Fusible Fleece.

No-Sew Hexies

Step Two

Cut out hexies at least a generous 1/4″ larger around every side from your fabric or scraps.

No-Sew Hexies No-Sew Hexies


Step Three

Use heat setting to match your fabric.  My fabric was 100% cotton quilting fabric, so I used the highest setting on my iron.  With the adhesive (rough) side UP, iron the seam allowances.  Be careful NOT to let you iron touch the exposed Smooth™ Fusible Fleece.  Continue ironing each edge, working in the same direction around your hexie.

No-Sew Hexies

No-Sew Hexies

Step Four

And it’s as easy as that!  They’re ready to add to all sorts of other projects.  And the best part?  The remaining exposed adhesive on the back of your hexie can be used to lightly adhere your hexie in place on your project in preparation for sewing.

No-Sew Hexies

Hexie Zipper Pouch

No-Sew Hexies