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Is it a boa?  Is it a garland?  Is it a scarf?  You decide!

Decide the color – Decide the length – Decide the pattern




What you need to make this project

Desired colors of oly*fun™ material
String or ribbon cut 4 inches longer than desired length of boa or garland
Rotary cutter and straight edge or scissors and ruler.

Quick Shop


  1. Cut oly*Fun material into 1” by 9” Strips ( ¼ yd makes 60 strips)
  2. Tie strips of oly*fun around ribbon in desired color and pattern using double knots.
  3. Knot both ends of the ribbon to keep strips from sliding off.
  4. Enjoy!


Variation:  You can create another look by fringing or cutting the ends of the strips in different patterns.


Guideline: You will need about 40 strips for 1 foot of boa or garland.

Each yard of oly*fun™ will make approximately 6 feet of boa or garland.