Necktie Tuffet - Man Cave Project

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This footstool, ottoman, tuffet…whatever you call it…. is the perfect addition to any Man Cave.
This one is super simple to create using Fairfield’s Round Tuffet kit!
Select your fabric and style of feet to match your room and you are well on your way to adding additional seating for guests, or a great place to prop your feet during the big game.

What you need to make this project

Tuffet Kit Round
Dritz Covered Button
Waxed Thread
Optional - Decorative Feet
Optional - Embellishments & Trim
Staple Gun
Screw Driver

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Step One

For my Tuffet cover, I used old neckties (cut to 18” long removing the tip) and remnant pieces of fabric.

I held onto the necktie tips and used them on the oversized pillows created for the same room.

Using the neckties as a design element in multiple projects, helped to “tie” the room together.

Step Two

Sew them lengthwise to about ¼” at the top to 2” wide at the bottom. The goal here is to create a circle with the ties that fits right over the top of the foam.

Step Three

I didn’t want to spend the time being ultra fussy with the center where the ties all met, so I opted to add a fabric circle from my leftover pillow fabric, as a design element. and finished it off with a Dritz fabric covered button pulled in taught for the tufting of the Tuffet.

Fairfield’s Tuffet kit comes with detailed instructions and a pattern for a Scrappy Tuffet. Since I like to repurpose, I decided to use the neckties in lieu of the fabric strips called for in the pattern.

Step Four

Once you attach the tie remnants together, cover the piece of foam with the Cushion Wrap included in your Tuffet Kit and staple in place.

Then wrap the entire unit with the Fabric cover that you just made, and staple to the wooden base included.




If adding Tufting button, Add that now, pulling the waxed thread through foam and wooden base to add a nice indent to the top of your tuffet. Knot off thread under tuffet.


For a more finished look, cover the wooden base with a circle of complimentary fabric. Use spray glue and/or glue gun to hold in place.




If you are adding feet, use your fingers to feel for pre-drilled holes. Using a Nail or knife poke a hole in fabric and screw feet in place.


Then kick your feet up and relax!