Monster Beanies

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Super cute Beanie Hats for your little monsters.  Wear everyday, or use them for quick Halloween costumes.

What you need to make this project

oly*fun™ Snow White Material
oly*fun™ Kiwi Material
oly*fun™ Jelly Material
oly*fun™ Jet Black Material
White Craft Glue w/ Wooden Stick
Hot Glue
Black Sharpie
Knit Cap or Beanie
Monster Beanie Patterns

Download Pattern

Scissors, Pinking Shears & Rotary Cutter w/ Mat

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1. Cut out all shapes using patterns provided.

2. White glue the two set of large white circles together to give strength to the pieces.

3. Assemble the eyes (see diagram) glue in place. Set aside to dry.

4. Cut and make fur tufts (see diagram). Hot glue each tuft to the top of the hat.
Note: (Addition tufts can be made and added if desired).

5. Hot glue the eyes on the hat. Top center position.

6. Hot glue fangs on the hat. If a stripe hat is used color the top portion of the fang with marker to blend fangs into the hats stripes. Note: (Addition fangs can be made and added if desired).

7. Hats can be worn as a costume or given as a Halloween treat or party favor