Monochrome Cuddle Suede Pillow

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This Monochrome Cuddle Suede Pillow is made with Shannon Fabric’s  Cuddle Suede in Black, Ash and Silver. Unlike their normal cuddle fabrics, the Cuddle Suede doesn’t shed! It does fray, but with a pillow project, all of those edges are incased. No fraying worries there! I used a Soft Touch 24″ x 24″ pillow insert. The pillow inserts come in bigger and smaller sizes, so check out their stock and adapt this tutorial to fit your chosen size. For snuggling, bigger is always better! Head over to my website, Crafty Lady Abby, to make your own Monochrome Cuddle Suede Pillow.

What you need to make this project

Soft Touch 24" x 24" pillow insert
1/4 yard Black Cuddle Suede
1/4 yard Ash Cuddle Suede
1/4 yard Silver Cuddle Suede
Black thread
Light grey thread
Clear drafting ruler
Tape measure
White and regular pencils
Fabric scissors
Straight pins
Sewing machine
Hand sewing needle

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Soft Touch® Pillow 24″ x 24″


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