Metallic oly*fun™ wreath

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Once the holiday decorations have been taken down, what do you hang in their place? It just looks so empty without something creative hanging out front of your home. Metallic oly*fun™ is so simple to use and cutting and glueing are a breeze. Wrap strips over a foam wreath form, add an oly*fun™ flower and some fun metal accents and you have the perfect solution.

What you need to make this project

oly*fun - rose gold
oly*fun™ - silver
oly*fun™ - gold
Foam wreath form - 12" diameter

Download Pattern

Assorted metal findings - gears etc.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Basic sewing, cutting and measuring tools

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Step One

Cut multiple 1 inch wide strips from Rose Gold oly-fun™. Add glue to the end of the first strip and press glued edge to inside edge of the wreath form. Wrap the strip around the wreath form, slightly stretching it as you wrap and covering the form entirely. Glue the opposite end of the strip to the wreath form.

Step Two

Apply glue to the end of a second strip and continue wrapping and glueing strips to cover the entire wreath form.

Step Three

Cut multiple 1/2 inch wide strips of silver oly-fun™. Apply glue to one end and starting in the inside edge of the wreath form, wrap around the wreath slightly stretching the oly*fun™ and leaving space between the wrapping. Refer to the project photo for guidance. Continue until the entire wreath is wrapped.

Step Four

Cut petal shapes using the pattern provided. Using the diagrams as a guide, stitch the large petals together. Pull the thread and gather the petals together. Tie off the thread and remove the needle. Repeat with the small petals. Layer the small petals on top of the large petals and glue, forming the flower. Glue a button to the center of the flower.

Metallic oly-fun™ Wreath

Step Five

Glue the flower to the wreath form. Glue metal accents to wreath form on either side of the flower. Add a hanger to the back of the wreath and enjoy.