Metallic OlyFun Dragon Wings Costume

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Halloween is quickly approaching, so it’s time to make your costumes. This set of metallic OlyFun dragon wings is perfect for a fierce fire breathing dragon costume. They can certainly be used for other costumes, but this year my daughter will be a dragon, complete with matching Metallic OlyFun Spiked Dragon Tail. OlyFun comes in 4 metallic and 18 colors, for a wide range of color combinations. OlyFun doesn’t fray and cuts like paper making it great for cut out designs. Structure Interfacing helps add some stability to fabric without adding bulk and rigidity, making it great for flexible wings. Stiffen Interfacing is rigid and thick like cardboard, when used in two layers, making it great for the back section. These wings can be adapted to fit anyone. This style of wings moves with the wearer, making them great for long hours of trick of treating, theater production, costume parties, and games of pretend. If dragons aren’t your thing, these can become bat, dinosaur, or other creature wings.

What you need to make this project

OlyFun in Jet Black
OlyFun in Red Metallic
Structure Interfacing
Stiffen Interfacing
Black thread
Black hook and loop tape
Construction paper sheets
Masking tape
Fabric measuring tape
Clear quilting ruler
Paper scissors
Self healing cutting mat
Craft knife
Black pen
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine

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  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-1

Step One

Tape construction paper pieces together, to make the paper big enough for the wings to be drafted.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-2

Step Two

Measure the wearer’s arm, from wrist to mid back. About 4″ down on the paper, with the clear ruler and pencil, draw a long line equal to that measurement. My wings are 18″ in height. I created them to fit my teenage daughter. Adjust the measurements and style to fit the wearer. I measured the back width and divided that in half, marking an end rectangle 3″ wide by 5.5″ high. I split the wing portion in half. Draw lines from 4″ down to that center wing measurement. Draw pointed curved shapes. Cut out the wing.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-9

Step Three

Trace the wing onto more sheets of construction paper. With the ruler and pencil, draw triangles that radiate from the top angle out to the points. I messed with this design several times, before determining this radiating design worked best. The space between the triangles should be between 1/2-1.5″ wide.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-3

Step Four

With the craft knife on the self healing cutting mat, cut out the wing triangles.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-4

Step Five

Cut 4 layers of jet black OlyFun slightly bigger than 1 wing. Stack and pin them together. With the white pencil, trace the wing overlay piece on the top layer.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-5

Step Six

With the layers still pinned together, cut the outline with scissors. Cut the triangles out with the craft knife and self healing mat. Unpin the layers. Trim any uneven lines with scissors.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-7

Step Seven

Trace the full wing shape on the back of red metallic OlyFun and Structure Interfacing 4 times. Cut out all 8 wing shapes. Trim the edge of the Structure wings back 1/8″. Pair up Structure wings on the back of the red wings. Machine baste stitch around the wings about 1/4″ from the edge.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-6

Step Eight

Pair up the black overlays with the red wings. Pin around the edges and down the sections.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-8

Step Nine

Stitch around the triangle sections, close to the edge. Pair up the wings with the wrong sides pinned together. Stitch around the outer edge, about 1/4″ from the edge.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-10

Step Ten

Hold up the wings to the wearer. Measure at the wrist, the bicep, and armpit/shoulder. Draw rectangles 5″ wide by the measurements + 5″. You’ll likely have 3 different sized rectangles. Mine are only 1 inch different, because my daughter is skinny. Cut out the patterns. Trace and cut out 2 bicep, 2 wrist, and 4 armpit rectangles from both jet black OlyFun and Structure interfacing.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-11

Step Eleven

Match to the structure and black OlyFun rectangles. Machine baste stitch around 1/4″ from the edges. Fold the pieces in half, lengthwise. Straight stitch around 1 long and 1 short side, 1/2″ from the edge. Turn the pieces inside out and hand press. Turn the raw edge of the bicep and wrist pieces in 1/2″ and pin. Top stitch around each strap.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-12

Step Twelve

Cut 6 sets of hook and loop tape 4″ long. For the armpit/shoulder straps, machine stitch one piece per strap. For the bicep and wrist, machine stitch one piece per opposite end, so when the strap is closed, the pieces connect.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-13
  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-14

Step Thirteen

Hold up the wings to the wearer, and straight pin mark where the straps will go. Stitch the bicep straps at a diagonal, along triangle separations. Stitch the the wrist straps along the top, towards the end.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-15

Step Fourteen

Stitch the armpit/shoulder straps along the rectangle wing section, making sure they are opposite pieces and will connect correctly.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-16

Step Fifteen

Measure the rectangle of one wing and double the width. Draft a rectangle equal to those dimensions. Cut out two pieces of Stiffen interfacing and 1 piece of red metallic OlyFun from that rectangle size. Draft a rectangle 1/2″ larger around than the Stiffen rectangle. Cut this from Black OlyFun. Cut a symmetrical diamond shape from 1 black OlyFun rectangle, with the craft knife and self healing mat. Center the red metallic OlyFun rectangle under the diamond cut out. Stitch the two pieces together around the diamond shape.

  • metallic-olyfun-dragon-wings-costume-17

Step Sixteen

Butt the two wings together. Sandwich the wing ends between the Stiffen rectangles. Machine stitch around the rectangles, catching all of the layers. Layer the diamond rectangle on top, and the solid black rectangle underneath. Stitch through all of the layers 1/4″ and 1/2″ from the edge.

Step Seventeen

To wear these wings, close the straps around the parts of the arms that they touch, starting with the shoulder/armpit straps. I made my straps, so they closed downwards, for a more seamless look. For a dragon, style this costume with a black long sleeve shirt, black jeans and black shoes. The matching dragon tail is made to fit within belt loops, for the best support.