Man Cave Cooler Made from a Wood Chest

Category: Utility

This giant chest drink cooler is perfect for a man cave!  I repurposed a decorative home storage piece that I found at Goodwill to create a unique storage cooler that is now waterproof and insulated.

What you need to make this project

Large Wooden Chest
Household Utility Foam
Solarize Liner Fabric Craft Pack (3)
Waterproof Fabric
Clear Silicone Caulk
Barnwood Effects Paint Duo
Tinted Wax
E-6000 Spray Adhesive

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Solarize Liner Fabric Craft Pack


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Step One

Measure the interior of the chest:  the base and all 4 sides. Cut 5 pieces of foam to fit inside the chest. Use the silicone to attach the foam to the interior of the chest.  Seal the edges of the foam with the silicone and let it dry.

Step Two

Repeat the process in Step One with the Solarize interfacing.  This interfacing will further help keep the ice and drinks in the cooler very cold.  Use E-6000 spray adhesive to attach the liner to the foam insert created in step one.

Step Three

Cut five pieces of the waterproof fabric to fit the interior of the chest. Use E-6000 spray to glue the fabric over the Solarize liner.  Let the glue dry.  When it is dry, use the silicone caulk to seal the edges of the fabric.

I decided to cut small strips of foam to hide the caulk lines.  This is optional.

Step Four

Paint the chest with the base color for the Barnwood Effect.  One quick layer is sufficient since we want the finish to have an aged, worn look. Let the paint dry.

Loosely brush the second bottle of paint from the Barnwood effects set over the first layer of paint.  Use a paper towel to smear the color over the piece. Let it dry.
Brush tinted wax over the dry paint.  Let the wax dry, then use a soft cloth to buff it.