Make Shoe Bags with oly*fun

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Designer purses are packed in flannel bags to protect the finish, the buckles, closures and more. When packing your best shoes whether designer name brand or simply your favorite pair, why not treat them as you would your designer purse.

What you need to make this project

oly*fun™ Bubble Gum & Jet Black

Download Pattern

HeatnBond® Feather lite iron-on adhesive
Embellishments; Buttons & Lace Trim
Ribbon; 30" of 1" wide ribbon for each bag
Basic Sewing Supplies; Sewing machine, Iron, Pressing cloth, Needle & Thread etc.

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Step One

Cut the following pieces from oly*fun™

Jet Black and/or Bubble Gum

Cut on 15(h)” x 22(w)” rectangle for each bag. Cut one 1″ x 20 strip using the opposite color for the drawstring channel.  Note: (h) height (w) width of the bag.

Step Two

Press HeatnBond® to the back of a piece of  oly*fun™. Using clipart of shoes downloaded from your computer, a hand drawn favorite or use the pattern provided, trace the shoe image onto the paper backing of the iron-on adhesive that has been ironed to the oly*fun (remembering to reverse the shoe, if the direction the shoe points, is a concern) and cut out. Remove the paper backing and press to the center of the bag front 4″ from the bottom edge. Embellish the shoe cut out. 1. Stitch lace and a button to the shoe top. 2. Use a blanket stitch on your sewing machine and stitch around the outside edge. Sew a button to the toe front.



Step Three

Hem the top edge of the shoe bag by folding over the top edge 1″ and stitching . With wrong sides together, stitch the center back seam using a 1/4″ seam. Turn right sides together and sew a 3/8″ seam. This will create a French Seam which not only looks professional but provides additional strength to the seamline.

Step Four

Center the back seam. With wrong sides together, stitch the bottom edge of the bag using a 1/4″ seam. Turn right sides together and stitch using a 3/8″ seam.   Once again this is a French Seam treatment.

Step Five

Turn under each of  the ends of the drawstring channel 1/2′ and stitch. Fold the drawstring channel in half and mark the center with a pin. Pin the channel strip to the top of the bag, aligning it along the hemline at the top of the bag. Match the center pin to the center back seam of the bag. Top stitch along either side of the channel strip.  Thread ribbon through the channel and tie a bow.