Make A Santa Wreath

Category: Decor

This fluffy, jolly Santa wreath is so easy to make! Grab some Oly*Fun and Poly-Fil and make this holly, jolly Santa wreath for a fun piece of Christmas decor.

What you need to make this project

Wreath Form
Glue Gun

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Step One

Pin the red Oly*Fun fabric around the top of the wreath form. Fold the fabric into a triangle shape, then pin the corner onto the front side to make Santa’s hat.hat-2

Step Two

Pin a strip of white ribbon where the mustache will go.  beard-2Use the glue gun to adhere the Poly-Fil to the wreath form. I recommend using Ad-Tech’s styrofoam glue gun sticks. First glue a ball on the end of the hat. Then glue two strands onto the ribbon to make the mustache. Finally, glue tufts of Poly-Fil on to make a full beard. Fluff as needed.