Lobed Oak Leaf Shade

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Give your lighted ceiling fan a chic update with this trendy fabric shade. Simply trace, cut, embellish then hot glue the Stiffen leaf shapes to a 12″ wooden ring and hang. Add your own personal style to create a one-of-a-kind design.

What you need to make this project

1 Yard Stiffen Fusible Rigid Backing (1 side)
1 Skein J. & P. Coats® White Embroidery Floss #1001
¼ Yard Shannon® Fabrics Cotton Embrace (Snow)
16 - 8mm Crystal Beads (Blue)
8 - 8mm Decorative Beads (Blue & White)
12” Wooden Ring (ring needs to fit over light globe)
Scrap Denim Fabric
Sticky back Velcro strip (to fit)

Download Pattern

Fiskars® 8” Non-Stick Scissors
Fiskars® 8” Pinking Sheers
Pattie Wack® Large Tassel Maker
Large Eyed Sewing Needle
Hot Glue Gun w/clear glue stick

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Stiffen One Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 10 Yard Roll

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Step One

Download and print pattern page. After cutting the paper patterns out, trace 16 leaves and 16 large circles onto the Stiffen rigid backer. Cut each shape out using pinking shears. Fold each leaf shape in half lengthwise to form a center crease (fused side will be on reverse side). Set cut out shapes aside.

Step Two

Cut one 2”x 50” strip from the snow Embrace fabric. Hot glue one end to the inner side of the wooden ring. Wrap fabric around the ring to hide wood. Glue end to secure in place. Cut off any excess fabric.

Step Three

Begin hot gluing the Stiffen leaves (fused side) around the fabric covered ring. See diagram on pattern sheet for placement.

Step Four

Make 8 decorative tassels using the Pattie Wack large tassel maker and white embroidery floss. Wrap the floss around the tassel maker 15 times to make the 3” tassel. See diagram on pattern sheet for tassel construction and placement.

Step Five

Attach shade to light globe. The style of globe will dictate how the shade should be attached.

  • Attach shade using sticky-back Velcro. Adhere sticky half of Velcro strip to the fan. Apply hot glue to the other Velcro portion and position onto the shade, press Velcro strips together to attach shade to fan.
  • Tie the shade to the exposed screws of the globe using a strong thread. Equally space 3 or 4 ties to keep shade level.
  • Use small Command Hooks to hold shade in place or as a holder for thread ties if no screws are visible.