Lil’ Fringe Monster

Categories: Kid Friendly, Costume, Halloween


What you need to make this project

oly*fun™ Orchid
oly*fun™ Jelly
oly*fun™ Orange Crush

Download Pattern

Adtech Hot Glue gun and glue sticks
Sweat Shirt

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Step One

Begin by cutting the fur tuff strips from the orange, lavender, grape and black oly*fun™ material. Each strip is 1” x  10” (see pattern provided). Strips will be used to decorate the leggings and bottom of the sweatshirt. Begin by cutting 30 strips for each color. The amount of strips required will be determined by costume size and amount of fluff desired.

Step Two

To make fur tuffs fold each strip in half and hold in place with a dot of hot glue. Cut three slits in folded strip (see diagram). Fluff fringe with fingers to puff.

Hot glue fur tuffs to the leggings. Start at the bottom and work up. Glue the first tuff 5” above the leggings bottom. Glue one complete row around the legging alternating colors. Continue gluing two additional rows 2” above the last.

Step Three

Cut two ½” x 12 “strips from the gray oly*fun. Glue gray strip around the top fur tuff row to create a finished look.

Repeat process for the second leg.

Hot glue fur tuffs around the bottom of the sweatshirt. Alternate colors.

Cut monster spots from the lavender oly*fun. Adhere the spots randomly around the legs, arms, and back of the sweatshirt using white glue.

Step Four

Cut one lavender heart out. Decorate heart with flower motif using markers. White glue heart over right chest.

Make a simple bow from a 1” black strip. Glue in place under neck.

Cut out eyes, eyelashes, horns, and teeth using patterns. Glue two sets of white circles together and two sets of lavender horns together. Gluing two shapes together will give strength to the pieces.

Step Five

Determine where the horns should be placed on the hood. Cut a 2 ½” slit on each side. Place horn in the slit and hot glue in place. Cut a piece of gray oly*fun 2 ½” X 1” and glue over to create a finish seam.

Build the eye by layering the pieces. White glue in place. Glue eye lashes on top of large white circle. Let dry then hot glue eyes on hood.

Hot glue monster teeth in place around the hoods opening.


Step Six

Make hair by cutting three 1” x 10” strips from each color. Cut three slits in each strip leaving 1” uncut at top of each. Hot glue one of each color on top of another.

Hot glue one set under each horn. Cut the two small circle from the gray oly*fun material. Cut a slit half way down each. White glue one circle over the hair to finish off,

Step Seven

Hot glue the remaining set to the back of the hood. Gather the slits together to form a ponytail. Glue a piece of gray oly*fun around to hold. White glue the remaining large slit circle around the pony tail to finish.

Costume concept can also be used to create scarecrows, lions, and other mystical creatures simply by changing the oly*fun colors.