Life-Proof Protect-All Cuddle Blanket

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What you need to make this project

1 1/2 Yards Shield Liner Fabric
1 1/3 yards Cuddle Fabric (60" wide) from Shannon Fabrics
Scissors or Rotary Cutter and Mat

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Shield Liner Fabric 41.5″ Wide X 12 Yard Roll

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Step One

Cut your Cuddle Fabric to be 48 x 60″.  If you purchased, the recommended 1 1/3 yards, then this will just mean checking to make sure the store cut it straight and trimming to make sides even.  I did NOT cut off the selvages because it was easier to just leave them.

Cut your Shield Liner Fabric to be approximately 41.5 x 54″.  Again if you purchased the recommended 1 1/2 yards, you’ll just be checking that the store cut it straight.

Spread your Cuddle Fabric upside down on the floor or your work surface.  Spread your Shield Liner Fabric out in the middle of your Cuddle fabric.  It will work with either side of the Shield liner facing up, but I chose to have the more fabric-y side facing up.  With your Shield Fabric centered, you should have approximately 3 inches of cuddle showing around each side of your Shield.

Protect-All Cuddle Blanket

Step Two

Fold each of your corners up.

068 Moisture Barrier Protect-All

Step Three

Fold the edge of your Cuddle up, so that it overlaps the Shield Liner Fabric by about 1/2 an inch.  Pin well, being sure to catch the Shield with the pin as well.  Cuddle does NOT fray and we’re going to be zigzag stitching the edges, so I did NOT fold the raw edges under.  You will notice that newly cut edges of Cuddle fabric does give off a certain amount of fuzz or “cuddle dust” but this will not be a continuing problem once our project is sewn and the initial cuddle dust has come off the edges.

069 Moisture Barrier Protect-All   Make a Protect-All Cuddle Blanket.  Soft as a blanket but with a moisture barrier to protect against life's little accidents.

Cuddle fabrics stretches slightly on two edges (the cut edges) and no not stretch on the other two (the selvage edges.)  The stretchy edges will need about twice as many pins as the not-stretchy sides.

071 Moisture Barrier Protect-All


Step Four

Continue working your way around all edges of your blanket, folding the corners under first, and then folding and pinning the edges.

072 Moisture Barrier Protect-All

Step Five

Mark every 9 inches through the middle of your blanket with a pin.

Make a Protect-All Cuddle Blanket.  Soft as a blanket but with a moisture barrier to protect against life's little accidents.

Step Six

Set your machine to a wide zigzag stitch and sew around all four edges of your blanket, securing the ends by backstitching.

077 Moisture Barrier Protect-All     074 Moisture Barrier Protect-All

Step Seven

I also finished things up by making a few stitches in the corners to make sure they stayed folded in place.  The Cuddle is so lush, that you couldn’t see them at all.

Step Eight

Use your cuddle blanket to protect your furniture from sick kiddos or potty training accidents.


It’s also great for keeping your child clean if they need to ride or play someplace dirty.



And this blanket ultimately ended up protecting a bed in my kids’ school’s special ed room for the severely disabled kids.  They have an animal print theme in the room, and this makes the bed easier to clean up from accidents while making their room more comfortable.