Knotty & Nice Wall Hanging

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The Knotty & Nice woven wall hanging with rod measures 45” x 45” with a rug yarn base and is woven with assorted material including dyed batting, recycled jeans, merino wool, damask fabric, Oly*Fun™ and embellished with pom-poms and tassels.

Design By Pattie Wilkinson

“Here are the steps it took for me to make this piece I’m calling “Knotty & Nice”, and I hope it inspires you to explore how you can dye batting and use it as a weaving material to create beautiful wall art for your home.” says Pattie

What you need to make this project

Soft & Toasty™ Cotton 100% Natural Cotton Batting
1/4 yds. Oly*fun™ Lemon Drop
62.5 yds. Loopy Mango® Big Loop 100% Merino Wool – Oatmeal (½ Skein)
¼ Yard Damask Denim Printed Fabric 100% Cotton Swavelle/Mill Creek Dalusio
3 pks. Tulip™ One-Step Fabric Dye Blue
3 pks. Tulip™ One-Step Fabric Dye Yellow
Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® Adhesive
20 yds. Caron Acrylic Rug Yarn - White (2 Skeins)
1 Pair Denim Jeans (Recycled)
Two 45” Wooden Rods
Fiskars 8" Non-Stick Scissors
PattieWack™ Large Tassel Maker & Large Pom-Pom Maker
(4) Clamps, Foam Board or Heavy Cardboard, Pins, Crochet Hook

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Step One

Dying Instructions:

Mix blue and yellow dye according to directions, pour into containers.

Step Two

Cut batting in half, then roll tightly and plunge into dye. Let set overnight. Wring out dye and rinse until water runs clear.

Step Three

Hang dyed batting to dry.

Cut the denim jeans into 1″ strips. There is no set length for the strips due to the irregular shape of the jeans. Launder the strips and hang in sun to dry.

Note: Washing the strips will assist in distressing the denim leaving beautiful frayed edges.


Step Four

Creating the Portable Loom

Clamp rods to foam board or a strong piece of cardboard. Rods will create the upper and lower beams of the loom to hold warp strings in place.

Cut white rug yarn into 2-yard lengths. Tie each length to rod with a reverse Lark’s Head Knot. If needed un-clamp rod while knotting on the yarn. To hold yarn taut, clamp top rod prior to securing bottom yarn to the rods.

How to Make a Lark’s Head Knot

Continue across the entire length of the rod.

Knot yarn ends at the bottom. White rug yarn will become the warp strings.

Note:  This portable loom can be hung or placed on a flat surface for weaving

Step Five

A. Weave Loopy Mango Yarn across the top of the hanging with a crochet hook. Continue across the entire length of the rod 5 times.

B. Tear the dyed blue batting into a long irregular piece. Weave entire piece from left to right, skipping every 5th row. Glue batting edge to the back.

C. Create large loops with the Loopy Mango Yarn from left to right, then tightly weave in rows to finish the area where the batting ends.

D. Weave strips of Oly*Fun™ material tightly to fill in the area for an accent.

E. Weave strips of denim and damask fabric to even out the area below the irregular shaped batting.

F. Continue the weaving process, interchanging the different materials and textures until you reach the bottom rod. Be creative!

Step Six

Using the PattieWack™ Pom-Pom and Tassel Makers, create 12 large pompoms and tassels with strips of all the materials.

Tie the tassels all the way across the bottom of the wall hanging, and then tie the pom-poms at the top of all the tassels.

Pull out the bottom rod, then turn the wall hanging over. Glue any loose edges on the back of the wall hanging. Let dry.

Step Seven

Make an extra-large pompom and a medium pompom. Tie off-centered to the wall hanging as an accent and to complete the woven wall hanging.

Braid or twist Loopy Mango Yarn and use to create a hanger, leaving loose ends. We hung our Knotty & Nice piece directly to the wall by the top rod.