Knitted Candy Pillow Ball

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Knitting looms are great for making infinity scarves and … you guessed it…this wonderful knitted candy pillow ball! Go ahead and knit up a tube of pretty yarn while you catch up on those shows stored on your DVR.  No need to feel guilty because you’re multi-tasking and it’s very therapeutic. Relax, enjoy and make something pretty and unique!

Project Note: Information in ( ) indicates alternate size.

What you need to make this project

12" Soft Touch Pillow Ball
or 10" Soft Touch Pillow Ball
6” (8”) diameter knitting loom
3 (5) skeins chenille yarn
2 heavy duty rubber bands
2 yards coordinating yarn or ribbon (for ties)

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Step One

Knit a 20” (24”) long tube according to the loom directions.

Step Two

Insert pillow ball and center.

Step Three

Gather ends of tube near the ball and secure with rubber bands

Step Four

Tie a ribbon or yarn bow over each gathered end to cover rubber bands.