Christmas Stockings with Aluminor and OlyFun

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Aluminor is a new fabric to the OlyFun line. I immediately wanted to make kitschy Christmas stockings with this metallic quilted fabric and colorful OlyFun. I made two stockings, using both the gold and silver Aluminor. The OlyFun colors I chose are Bubblegum, Sea Green, and Jelly for one stocking. For the other stocking, I swapped out Jelly for Kiwi. You can use any combination of the 18 OlyFun colors, to customize the stockings to your personal style. OlyFun and Aluminor don’t fray, making them perfect for monogrammed stockings that don’t need lining! The fabrics are durable, so these stockings will hold up to a lot of stuffing. You can make the stockings any size you desire. For added kitsch, add designs with fabric paint, glitter, and gems.

What you need to make this project

Aluminor in Gold
Aluminor in Silver
OlyFun Craft Pack in Bubble Gum
OlyFun Craft Pack in Jelly
OlyFun Craft Pack in Sea Green
OlyFun Craft Pack in Kiwi
Large construction paper
Hot pink thread
Grey thread
Tan thread
Clear drafting ruler
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Sewing machine

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Step One

Using the drafting ruler and pencil, on the construction paper, draw a stocking template. It can be any basic style that you want. Cut out the stocking template with paper scissors, and label it with a pencil.


Step Two

On another sheet of construction paper, trace the stocking template sections for a topper. Remove the stocking template and finish drawing the topper by making even points. Cut the topper out with paper scissors and label it with a pencil.


Step Three

On a sheet of construction paper, trace the stocking template sections for a toe, and heel. Remove the stocking template and finish drawing the toe by curving the line inwards. For the heel, square off the inner part. Cut these out with paper scissors and label them with a pencil.


Step Four

On a piece of construction paper, draw a 6″ x 4″ rectangle, with the drafting ruler and pencil. Within that rectangle, draft the 1st initial letter of the stocking recipient. Cut out w the letter with paper scissors. If you’re making stockings for multiple people, like I did, you’ll need multiple letters. I only needed an A, since my daughter and I share the same 1st initial.


Step Five

On the back of the Aluminor, trace the stocking template once. Flip the stocking template over, and trace it again onto the Aluminor back. Cut out the two stocking pieces with fabric scissors.


Step Six

Decide which colors you want the stocking topper, toe, heel, letter, binding, and hanger to be. Trace the stocking topper twice, toe once, and heel once onto the selected OlyFun colors. Cut these pieces out using fabric scissors. Cut an OlyFun rectangle 3″ by 1/2″ longer than the stocking top, for the stocking binding. Cut an OlyFun rectangle 2″ by 6″.

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Step Seven

At the sewing machine, straight stitch a stocking topper piece to the top of each stocking piece. Stitch 1/4″ from the edge in a contrasting thread.


Step Eight

Straight stitch the toe and heel pieces to the front stocking piece, 1/4″ from the edges. Straight pin in place along the edge, if needed.


Step Nine

Center the letter on the front stocking piece. Straight pin in place around the edges. At the sewing machine, straight stitch around letter 1/4″ from the edge.


Step Ten

Line the stocking pieces up, right sides facing. Pin around the edges. For the silver Aluminor, use grey thread. For the gold Aluminor, use tan thread. Lengthen your stitch, for a stronger seam. Straight stitch around the stocking sides and bottom 1/2″ from the edge. Do not sew the top.


Step Eleven

Turn the stocking right side out. I found it’s easiest to start with the toe and push it up through the top opening.


Step Twelve

Fold the binding strip in half. Sew the short sides together 1/4″ from the edge, creating a circle.


Step Thirteen

Fold the binding strip in half long wise, hand pressing in place. Place it over the stocking top, straight pinning in place. Straight stitch around the binding.


Step Fourteen

Fold the hang tab rectangle into thirds lengthwise. Zigzag stitch down the strip.


Step Fifteen

Fold it in half, and stitch it onto the back left of the stocking, at a slight angle.

Step Sixteen

When finished, the stocking should look similar to mine.