Kitchen - Reversible Table Runner

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Super easy to make and reversible this table runner is a must have for your kitchen decor. Use this technique to make runners for all seasons, holidays, party decor, and gift giving. The possibilities are endless.

What you need to make this project

Toasty Cotton Batting
1/2 yd Shannon White Waffle Fabric
1/2 yd Shannon Gray Waffle Fabric
1/2 yd Coordinating fabric for binding
Matching thread
Basic sewing supplies

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Toasty Cotton Batting 45″ x 60″


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Step One

This project uses a ¼ inch seam allowance.

Cut the gray and white fabrics and the batting into 14” x 54” pieces.  Measure 4” down from the corner on each side and mark, draw a diagonal line connecting the marks and cut. Repeat on other three corners. Do this for both gray and white fabrics and the batting.


Lay the gray fabric on a table right side down. Lay the batting on top of the gray fabric and lay the white fabric right side up on top of the batting and pin all three layers together.


Step Two

Sew across runner both horizontally and vertically at 4” intervals creating a square pattern.


Step Three

Use the coordinating fabric to make a wide binding around the runner.