Kitchen Refresh Organization Board

Category: Utility

What you need to make this project

Poster Frame
sewing machine
glue gun or fabric glue
picture hanging kit

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Structure One Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 20 Yard Bolt


Price: $64.99

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Cut a piece of foam to fit the size of your poster frame.

Cut a piece of fabric for the backing of your pockets.
The size of this fabric will depend upon the size of and the number of pockets you will be including.

Iron interfacing to the back of this fabric panel.

Determine size and shape of all of the pockets for your organization center.
Draw out pockets on a piece of paper, adding one inch to the measurement of each pocket.

Fuse interfacing to one piece of fabric that is large enough to accommodate all of the pocket pattern pieces you just drew out.

Cut out each Pocket from the interface lined fabric.
(We chose to make the top of our pockets have an arched cut out for easy access.)

Fold in 1/2″ on sides and 1″ on the bottom of each pocket piece and press.

Cut corners to allow for a neat fold.

Sew (or fabric glue) decorative binding piece to the top, sides, and bottom of each pocket

Layout your pockets on backer fabric. Then sew bottom and sides of each piece of pocket the backer fabric.
You may use fabric glue here too if you do not wish to sew.

Finish what will be the visible edge of the backer fabric with trim or binding.

Place completed backer fabric with pockets on top of the foam. Tack in place with fabric glue of spray glue.

Place entire unit in the poster frame.

Add picture hanging wire to the back, and enjoy your organization center.