Kitchen - Potluck Casserole Carrier

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I love a good potluck, don’t you? This casserole carrier is insulated with Solarize to keep your cold dishes cool and your hot dishes hot as you transport them to your next party. You’ll have the hottest & most stylish dish there. This project fits a 9″ x 13″ baking dish.

What you need to make this project

40" x 12" piece of Solarize
40" x 12" piece of fabric for interior of carrier
40" x 12" piece of fabric for exterior of carrier
30" x 17" piece of fabric for interior of carrier
30" x 17" piece of fabric for exterior of carrier
2 4" x 40" pieces of fabric for handles
1 4" x 40" piece of interfacing for handle
Thread to match fabrics
JOY monogrammed letters (optional)
4 pieces of sew on hook and loop tape measuring 5 1/2 inches long
Sewing machine
Basic sewing kit

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Step One

To create the carrier, layer the 40″ x 12″ interior and exterior fabrics with the Solarize down to create a “sandwich” in this order:

  1. Interior fabric, right side up
  2. Exterior fabric, right side down (facing interior fabric)
  3. Solarize, shiny side up. It’s important that you place the shiny side as up as this will ensure that the reflective material will be on the INSIDE of the casserole carrier which will help keep your dish warm or cool.

Repeat for the 30″ x 17″ pieces of fabric, however you will not use Solarize for this rectangle. Pin your sandwiches in place.

Step Two

Sew around the edges of your sandwiches, using a 5/8″ seam allowance. Be sure to leave 2-3 inches open so you can turn out the fabric. Once sewn, turn fabric so right sides are facing out. Press the opening you left, then top stitch around the rectangles.

Step Three

Using the fabric and interfacing you cut for the handles, make two handles. Iron the interfacing and fabric for the handles together. Fold in half, and then reopen. Fold long edges towards the center and press. Fold in half again and press. Stitch along the long edge.


Step Four

Now sew the two handles together, end to end to create a loop. Make sure the loop isn’t twisted!

Step Five

Lay the large rectangle, face up on your work surface.Lay the handle loop over the top lengthwise. Make sure straps are lined up 4″ from each long side and make sure the straps are evenly centered in the middle. Pin in place. The strips will only be sewn down to the bottom piece of the casserole carrier, so begin stitching the straps in place 9 inches from the short edge of the rectangle and  stop after you sew for 10 inches.


Step Six

Now lay the smaller rectangle down on your work surface, with the outside fabric down. Then lay the larger rectangle over it, again with the outside fabric down, centered perpendicular to the smaller fabric. Stitch the rectangles together long the center as shown. Making sure you do not catch the handles while you are sewing.

Step Seven

Lay carrier open on work surface, open.  Place your favorite 9″ x 13″ casserole dish in center. Fold short ends in towards center of the dish. Mark where the edges overlap. Then fold the long ends over and mark the overlap. Pin the hook and loop tape, centered, where you marked the overlap. For the short pieces, one side of the hook and loop tape should be on the inside of the carrier and one on the outside. Repeat for the long pieces. Tip: It helps to pin the hook and loop tape in place and try to open and close the carrier with the casserole dish inside to make sure you have put the tape in the right spot.

Once you are happy with the placement, stitch in place.

Step Eight

If you want to place a monogram on your carrier (which will help your host know who left their carrier/casserole!) iron on your JOY Monogram letters to the edge of one of the long pieces.

Step Nine

That’s it! Time to cook up a delicious casserole and go party!