Kids Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat

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What you need to make this project

Beacon Adhesives Tacky Glue
Big Shot Die cutting Machine
Serif Essentials Alphabet Dies
Assorted Basic Thinlets Shapes

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Step One

For the base of the placemat, cut an 18″ x 12″ piece from the Snow White, Bubble Gum and Kiwi Oly-Fun™Craft Packs.

Step Two

Using a toothpick, glue the outer edge of the Bubble Gum placemat base and attach the Snow White base.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat

Step Three

Glue around the Snow White placemat base and attach the Kiwi base.   Set aside.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat

Step Four

Die cut two each of the following from Sky Blue Oly-Fun™: Ovals, Squares, Diamond, Stars, Circles.

Die cut two each of the following from Sea Green Oly-Fun™: Hearts, Triangles, Rectangles, Squares, Ovals.

Die cut two each of the following from Lemon Drop: Circles, Stars, Diamonds, Triangles, Hearts.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat

Step Five

Choose the letters of choice for the name on the placemat and then, die cut two of each with Kiwi Oly-Fun™.


Step Six

Glue the duplicate letters together and then arrange the letters on the top  edge of the placemat to determine placement.  Then, glue in place.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat


Step Seven

Glue the duplicate shapes together and then arrange onto the placemat at shown in the photo or as desired.  Glue into place.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat

Layering the placemat with Snow White Oly-Fun™ in the middle gives the placemat more stability and really makes the top color “POP”.  The left side of the photo below shows how bright the Bubble Gum Oly-Fun™ is with the Snow White behind it and the right side of the photo shows what it looks like with the Kiwi Oly-Fun™ behind it.

Oly-Fun™ Learning Placemat