Kid's Craft: Retro Christmas Tree Wall Art

Categories: Decor, Kid Friendly

Create colorful retro inspired Christmas wall art with your kids! Oly-Fun makes it easy for families to create together.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun Craft Pack Kiwi
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Clover
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Sky Blue
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Sea Green
Design Foam Triangular Pull-Apart Tiles
Circle Die and Die Cutting Machine
Tombow Adhesive

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Step One

Pull apart two triangle foam tiles.


Step Two

Cut the Clover Oly-Fun so that it is two inches larger than the triangle foam on all sides. Peel the paper backing off the foam tile and wrap it with the Oly-Fun.

wrap foam

Step Three

Cut wavy strips of Oly-Fun fabric. The fabric does not fray and it easy to cut, so kids can help with this step!


Step Four

Warp the triangle with the strips, and press the ends of the colorful strips into the adhesive on the back of the design foam.

attach strips

Step Five

Die cut circles of different sizes.

die cut

Step Six

Use the adhesive runner to attach the circles to the Christmas tree.


The adhesive backing on the design foam makes it easy to put the finished project on a door or wall to display!