Just For You Pillows

Category: Pillow

It is so much fun to make pillows. The best type of pillows to make are those you make for someone special… so make them personalized Just For You Pillows! A bit of beading work and piecework adds so much to the project.

What you need to make this project

One 12” X 16” Soft Touch® Pillow Form

Download Pattern

Assorted Fabrics for Piecing (as detailed in Instruction Sheet)
Beading Needle, Beads and Thread
Beaded Fringe (enough to go around pillow edge)
Fusible Web
Rotary Cutter and Ruler (optional)
Sewing Machine
Computer (optional, for creating name)

Quick Shop

Piece together a pillow top that has a blank space for beading a special person’s name.

Add on decorative butterfly appliques, too and then piece together a pillow back.

Stitch the front and back together adding in some beaded fringe to the seams for extra  glamour and style.

All the instructions and applique designs are provided in the Pattern Sheet.