Journal Needle Keeper

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Being a quilter on the go, I thought it was time to create a cute yet practical way to bring my needles and pins with me.  This is a quick and easy project and would be a great gift idea for your crafty friends!!

What you need to make this project

Stiffen Double Sided Interfacing, 6" x 10"
Toasty Cotton Batting, 6" x 48"
Support Soft Foam Stabilizer, 6" x 24"
Fabric, 6" x 20"
Velcro Sticky Back for Fabrics
Rubber Hair Bands (3)
* Sizzix Die Cutting Machine
* Sizzix Passport Die
Fabric Glue

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Toasty Cotton Batting 45″ x 60″


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Support Soft Foam Stabilizer 19″ x 8 Yard Roll


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Stiffen Double Sided Fusible Interfacing 20″ Wide X 10 Yard Roll

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  • Sewing Needle Journal Book A
  • Sewing Needle Journal Book B

Step One

To prepare your booklet cover, iron Stiffen Double Sided Fusible liner to fabric according to instructions.
We recommend using a pressing cloth to assure no fusible residue ends up on your iron.


  • Sewing Needle Journal Book (5)

Step Two

Create your covers by die-cutting or hand cutting two covers (3 1/2″ x 5″) and one binding (2 1/4″ x 5″) from prepared fabric.

Die-cut or hand cut six pages (6 1/4″ x 4 3/4″) from Fairfield’s Toasty Cotton batting and three pages from Fairfield’s Support Soft Foam Stabilizer.


  • Sewing Needle Journal Book (18)

Step Three

Cut a strip of prepared fabric 3/4″ x 5″ and then, sew the button on one end.

Glue one end to the back of the journal.

Then, apply hook side of the sticky back to the other end and the loop side to the front cover, this will be your closure.

  • Sewing Needle Journal Book (14)
  • Sewing Needle Journal Book (16)
  • Sewing Needle Journal Book (17)

Step Four

Attach the rubber hair band onto the journal, at the binding.  Insert three Toasty Cotton Batting pages onto the first band, three Support Soft Foam Stabilizer pages to the second band and three Toasty Cotton Batting pages onto the last band.


  • Sewing Needle Journal Book Hero
  • Sewing Needle Journal Book Cover

Step Five

Place your pins and needles into the journal.  Enjoy!!