Jelly Roll Strip Starburst Quilt

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Jelly Roll Strip Starburst is an international collaboration between two friends Kimberly Einmo and Birgit Schüller. This past July, Birgit, her husband and their two children traveled to the US and spent almost two weeks with Kimberly and her family. During that time, Kimberly and Birgit thoroughly enjoyed working on several quilting projects including their newest joint effort, Jelly Roll Strip Starburst Quilt.

Kimberly designed this cheerful quilt to be made using just one Jelly Roll fabric bundle (or 40 – 2½” strips) plus one background fabric. After the top was constructed, Birgit took the quilt top, Fairfield’s wool batting, and backing fabric back to Germany in her luggage where she added the exquisite machine quilting using motifs inspired from the Plumeria blossoms blooming in Kimberly’s back yard.


What you need to make this project

luxuriously warm Nature-Fil Wool Batting

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All supplies noted on Pattern Sheet

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All of Kimberly’s instructions for making this exquisite Jelly Roll Strip Starburst Quilt are located here! The PDF pattern sheet includes all the supplies needed plus fabric requirements, sewing steps and piecing diagrams. Kim also includes a helpful tip for using 40 different strips to make up a radiant Lone Star.