Jack In the Box Halloween Costume Tutorial

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This fun, colorful Halloween costume will be the talk of the town!  Your child will have a blast trick or treating as a Jack in the Box toy this year.

What you need to make this project

Oly-Fun 10 Yard Bolt Kiwi
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Jelly
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Orange Crush
Oly-Fun Craft Pack Orchid
Project Foam
Foam Core Board or Stiff Cardboard
Plastic Cone or party hat
Hot Glue Gun
Xyron Creative Station
Star and Scalloped Flower Die Cuts

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Project Foam – 24″ x 4 Yds. x 2″ thick


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Oly-Fun® Craft Pack Jelly


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Oly-Fun® Craft Pack Jet Black


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Oly-Fun® 10 Yard Bolt Kiwi


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Step One

To make the box portion of the costume:

Cut 12 inch squares of Project Foam. Glue the foam to 12 inch squares of foam core  board.

Wrap the foam boards with Kiwi  Oly-Fun fabric. Wrap it like you would a  present. Hot glue the edges of the fabric to the foam board as pictured.

Use hot glue to adhere the four green pieces of foam board into a square shape. Hot glue the fifth piece to the top of the box to make the lid for the box.

Die cut stars from various colors of Oly-Fun fabric. Roll the stars through a Xyron  Creative Station to add adhesive to the backs of the stars. Attach the stars to the box.



Step Two

To make the shirt portion of the costume:

Use a child’s shirt to make the pattern for the top. Make four halves for the top using two different colors of fabric.

Sew two top halves together to make the front of the shirt. Sew the other two halves to the sides of the front shirt piece, but leave the back of the shirt open.  Attach ribbon to the opening in the back to tie the shirt closed after the child is in it.

Sew two tubes of fabric to make sleeves and attach them to the shirt.

Die cut scalloped flowers from Oly-Fun fabric. Attached the flower shapes to the collar and to the front of the shirt.


Step Three

To put it all together:

Pin the finished top inside the box. Use hot glue to attach the shirt to the box.

Wrap a plastic cone with fabric to make the clown’s hat. Embellish hat and add ribbons to tie the hat on.


To put the costume on, let the child step into the box.  Pull the shirt up and over the child’s arms, then tie the shirt closed in the back.