Jaali Screen

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Add a touch of Moroccan charm to any space. Our Jaali screen is soft, flexible and can be hung with ease. Custom made to fit any area, the traditional geometric pattern can be made into a pure white, black or vibrantly color screen. This versatile screen adds a simple yet stylish designer look to any area of the home.

What you need to make this project

Fairfield Product Oly*Fun White (amount to be determined by desired screen size)
Royal Design Studio Stencils Large Moroccan Inlay-3002L
Fiskars Comfort Detail Knife
Fiskars Razor Edge Scissors
24” x 36” Cutting Mat

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Step One

Measure area for intended screen placement. Take a moment to consider how the screen will be hung. There are several options:

  • Velcro
  • Command Tape (used to hold hooks)
  • spring rod
  • traditional rod

Be sure to add additional length to accommodate the hanging method. For example, traditional rods will need to have a sewn or Fused Tape channel made to hold the rod. Add 3” to 4” so channel can be made. Make the channel prior to cutting screen pattern.

Step Two

Cut Oly*Fun to required size. Lay fabric flat on the cutting mat.

Starting near the top, find the horizontal center point of the cut fabric. Lay Moroccan Inlay stencil so the center of the stencil pattern is positioned at the center point of the fabric. Tape in place. Trace pattern onto the fabric with pencil. Move the stencil down the fabric tracing the pattern. For best results leave an uncut border of fabric around the stenciled area.


Step Three

Cut out the inlay diamond shape of the pattern with the craft knife.

Cut slightly above the outer edge of the pencil line. This will remove the pencil marks from the screen.


Step Four

Hang screen in place.

Note: Oly*Fun will age over time when exposed to full sunlight. For best results use indoors or a shaded area.